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HDR Photography: Shooting Tips, Software Plugins, and Training Resources

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography refers to creating an image, from two or more exposures of a scene, in which the appearance of colors is broader and richer than what is captured in a single photograph. The objective of HDR photography is to create an image that is closer to what you see than what your camera sensor can capture. HDR is used to bring out more details and tones versus a single photograph. HDR processing produces rich natural images. Additionally, HDR is also used by photographers to apply an artistic, surreal and even ethereal, creative flair.


6 Reasons Why There is Blur in Your Photos And How You Can Avoid It

No matter how good a photographer you are, blurry photographs will happen. It’s an undeniable fact of every photographer’s life. Professional photographers understand how and why blurry pictures occur, and do everything in their power to keep it in check. Beginners need to remember a couple of things to avoid blurry photos. At the moment, the only thing that you need to know is that blur is created by motion or by optics. Let’s look at why blurry images occur and the solution in each case.

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Don’t Let Your Camera Ruin Your Photography

New cameras are great. Whether you’re a beginner about to purchase your first “serious” camera, or an enthusiast or pro looking to make a significant body upgrade, getting a new camera is exciting. Some people will put endless hours of research into their prospective camera, while others are pretty sure what they want from the moment a new camera is introduced to the market. And then you wait. And wait. You wait with bated breath, for what seems to be an eternity, for your friendly delivery person to leave you with the coveted brown box containing your expensive new toy. You unbox it all and, just like that, everything is right with the world. If, however, one of your life’s objectives is to continue to improve as a photographer, going through the above scenario too often can be detrimental to your development. I’ll explain.

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Free Photography Software for Your Image-Editing Needs

There’s no denying the fact that in photography, the software necessary to process the images can cost more than an entry level DSLR camera. It’s because of this prohibitive cost that many opt for freeware solutions, at least during the learning process. Indeed, much of the software we use for photo-editing has decent freeware alternative. Each has its own sets of pros and cons, but can fulfill most of your requirements. Here are some examples of good and useful free software for photographers.

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How to Make Sure Your Photos are Everything You Envisioned Them to Be

One of the reasons people become consumed by their creative endeavors is due to an overwhelming desire to overcome a challenge. Any challenge worth confronting will, once defeated, yield an appreciable sense of personal satisfaction. But such challenges are also, to varying degrees, frustrating — you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but making it there is the hard part. Something that new photographers commonly struggle with (though this is hardly limited to just beginners) is translating the pictures they conjure in their mind’s eye to match the images that come out of their camera.

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Two Soft Poppies

Two soft poppies.jpg by Chrissie Bee on Light Stalking ISO 800 F7.1 1/320 165mm These were somewhat overexposed so I tried making lemonade out of a lemon. Turned out I liked it but would appreciate suggestions or comments. Thanks everyone.


SharkTank: Tire Swing

Rope Climbing by racingcourne on Light Stalking Hello LightStalking community! I am looking for some advice on how I could have improved this picture. One thing I don’t like is how short and how small it made the rope and room scene. I am thinking to make the rope appear longer I should have knelt […]


Monochromatic lines

Lines – LR4-1291116-web.jpg by DavidN on Light Stalking On Flickr at Exif info on photo/.


Yellow Eyes

Black Cat Yellow Eyes Framed.jpg by Chrissie Bee on Light Stalking ISO 400 F6.3 1/250 200mm Canon T5i Found him lurking in the bushes on a walk. He was pretty dirty but managed to take care of most of it in PP. Should I darken the light spot on his nose? Any comments or suggestions […]


" Behind the Scenes" in the life of a Barn Swallow

” Behind the scenes” in the life of a Barn Swallow by helenosu on Light Stalking Somebody could just have told a good joke, by the looks of these new swallows. I followed them all summer, took this photo when they were approx. 2 weeks old. I felt like the proud new mother with her […]


A Thousand Yards – A Child's Street Portrait

I took this photo last night at a stoplight in Sao Paulo. She and her family appeared to be homeless, something that I couldn’t begin to fathom experiencing as a child in a city like this. I realize that it’s not the sharpest photo, but her expression and body language were so fascinating and unsettling […]


21st Street Leaders

21st Street Leaders.jpg by meaux on Light Stalking