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5 Multipurpose Photography Gear Suggestions for You

As you probably already know, photography isn’t really “one tool fits all” kind of business. The amount of gear you’ll need in order to be able to do everything can be insanely high, thus the cost is high as well. Well, one way to cut down on the cost is to use things that have more than one purpose. Here are some suggestions.

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Jump for Joy: 19 Beautiful Photos of Frogs

I know not everyone shares this opinion but I think frogs are captivating creatures. As a kid, anytime someone asked me what my favorite animal was, I replied very self-assuredly that is was the frog. I’m not sure why this was, considering pigeons dominate New York City wildlife, not frogs. And whenever anyone used the words “frog” and “toad” interchangeably, I was quick to let them know that frogs are not toads and toads are not frogs! My obsession with frogs has diminished considerably, but I still find them quite photogenic — their big eyes, their astonishing variety of colors and skin textures; they are ornate amphibians. So, if frogs don’t make your skin crawl, you will definitely enjoy the following images.

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The Most Inspiring Photography Articles and Photos of the Week

With another week behind us, Toad Hollow Photography has been looking all over the internet for links to the best material to share here with everyone. This weeks list is composed of a particularly profound interview from an industry leader, a selection of tutorials, a review and a special feature, wrapped up with the usual great photography and interesting blogs. We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


4 In-Camera Tools That Can Help You Create Beautiful Landscape Images

From sunrises, sunsets, desert ranges, majestic mountains to fields of flowers, creating beautiful landscape images can be easy at times, and sometimes difficult. There’s a lot to think about when composing beautiful images. Sure, we have to determine our ISO, depth of field and exposure compensation. We also need our tripod, cable release and possibly even a filter or two. Then, we need to get our composition just right. A lot of sky? A hint of sky? Or, no sky at all? Finding and framing up our images is a lot of work creatively and technically. However, there are a few in-camera tools that, with a touch of a few buttons and inspection, will give us more “Yes” versus “Had I only made an adjustment” moments when we get back home.

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Learning from Your Mistakes Even When No One Knows You’ve Made Them

By the time we’re adults, most of us have learned that mistakes are much better teachers than successes are. Mistakes engage our ingrained loss aversion. If you make the mistake of walking away from your camera bag on the sidewalk, if it’s stolen, you’ll feel the sting of losing your camera to a thief every time you set it down in public. Loss aversion is usually a stronger force in our mind than the drive to acquire. It means that, as far as our subconscious learning mind is concerned, we’ll work harder not to lose something we already have, than to work hard to get something we want, but don’t yet have.

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experimenting with textures

View from Chanticleer Point in Oregon View From Chanticleer Point by bill wagner on Light Stalking


a long way up

looking down from top of malham cove by dennis wake on Light Stalking


Flying Gulls on the Beach

Flying Gulls Surf.jpg by David Sill on Light Stalking f/5.5, 1/640, 54mm, ISO 100, March 4, 2015. Walking on the beach, the gulls took flight. Had no time to do anything than point and shoot. So this is a snapshot. I have not cropped this image. Suggestions? I’m going to load a second flying gull […]


Old Codger – New media

Hi everyone, I first got hooked on photography about 65 years ago when I saw some photographs of a friend, and wanted to do the same. I saved up enough money and bought an Argus C3 35 mm. camera. We had an old coal bin in our basement that was no longer being used, so […]


First time here

Hey yall, this is my first time posting to this forum. I’ve been a photographer for awhile now, but only recently reached a point where I feel my images are professional quality. This particular image is multiple exposures blended together. I have also applied various filters and effects to it. What do yall think? Where […]


The Vasco de Gama – lost all its clour in the upload to Light Stalking

Vasco de Gamma Bridge by on Light Stalking


wide angle of malham cove

DSC_0wide angle vue of malham cove. by dennis wake on Light Stalking