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What Photographers Need to Know Before Buying a Tripod Head

Chances are that when you first got into photography, you considered getting a tripod. There is also a reasonable chance that you assumed that the tripod and head came together, perhaps inseparably in one package. You may have even learnt the hard way, buying a cheap combined tripod and head only to find it could […]


Use These Tricks To Improve Your Manual Focusing Skills.

I love vintage lenses because of their great price-performance ratio and their excellent optical and build qualities. Using them as much as I do, I often have to focus manually. Even though I typically use live view for safety’s sake, I often don’t have the time, so I do it the old-school way. The first challenge that […]


Peculiar Notions: 22 Eye-Catching Examples of Abstract Photography

I’m not sure how many of you (hopefully none of you) actually lose sleep thinking about abstract photography and trying to determine exactly what it is — and what it isn’t. But abstract photography is indeed something that lots of people have mulled over rather extensively since the earliest days of photography; it is something […]

20120715-Leelanau Flowers-DSC_0419

2 Huge Benefits of Photographing in RAW

In the days of film, negatives were converted to photographs by 1) using chemical baths for dipping in the dark room or 2) sending to a photo processing lab. Due to the cost, expense and time spent processing in the darkroom, many photographers chose sending their negatives off to the labs. As technology evolved to […]


When to Use Matrix & Spot Metering

Matrix (Nikon)/Evaluative (Canon) metering is the standard go-to choice of the metering options. Many photographers select Matrix metering and never use the other choices of Spot Metering and Center Weighted Metering. The primary reason that Matrix Metering is the default setting on most cameras is that it works effectively in the majority of situations. There […]

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mountain mist

Any comments are welcome, but especially on composition <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script> f16 1/30s iso100


Tsminda Sameba Church – Kazbegi

Any comments are welcome. Did some local dodging and burning. I’m curious if it is noticeable or not, in other words is it not overdone? <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script> f14 1/5s iso100



Discovered.jpg by David.W.J on Light Stalking 1/60 @ f/6.7 — 230mm — ISO 200 They caught me watching. Just wondering about what others think. The buck if tack-sharp – I know it is difficult to see on this size image but he is sharp on my monitor – now the doe just to his right […]