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What to Do With The Photographs You’ve Created: 3 Ideas to Get You Started

Whether you’ve been photographing for a few months or years, one thing is certain. Your images are unique. They are from your perspective, your view on the subject. Your work is personal. The journey as an artist continues to evolve. Over the course of time, friends, family and acquaintances enjoy seeing your work. Since we live in the digital, social media and web-based world, sharing your work starts here versus just sending via an email or printing for the family album. We’ve all been effectively conditioned to seek, learn and view electronically from our computers and mobile devices. The days of using cloth and leather bound albums are no longer the norm.

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30 Unmissable Photography Links of the Week

Another wonderful week in the world of photography has been and gone, and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all known corners of the internet for links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone. This weeks compendium features a wide variety of tutorials and photographs, covering many different aspect and genres of the craft. We hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

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Close-Up & Macro Photography eBook Review

Are you into macro photography? Are you into eBooks? Good, because I think you’re going to love Introduction to Close-Up & Macro Photography by Ed Verosky. The eBook seeks to alleviate much of the anxiety surrounding macro photography by addressing the most pressing points of inquiry and providing the reader with a roadmap to producing wonderful macro images.


5 Things That Often Get Overlooked In Your Photography Workflow

All photographers have their own way of doing things. The workflow differs, but it is essentially the same thing. But since we are all human, we often forget or overlook certain things. This article might overlook something as well, but I will try to point everything out.

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How to Get Sharper Eyes in Your Portraits

A good portrait draws the viewer in to the subject, creating a connection between the two. It should provoke thought and intrigue, making you wonder what the subject is thinking at the time the shot was taken. If there is one part of the face that can communicate this the most, it is the eyes. Beautiful, sharply focused eyes grab your attention and hold it there, they can make or break a portrait, but there is an art to getting pin sharp eyes, a lot of it in the technique used to take the shot, some of it in the post-production. Let’s take a look at what we can do to get those eyes sharp.

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Shadow Bike

Shadow Bike.jpg by George Silvas on Light Stalking 1/100@f/18, 57mm, ISO 200


Hi, I am Tami and I absolutely love photography and editig!

My love for photography came about when I moved to the coastal area where the Redwoods meet the sea. It is so beautiful here! So happy to find a website like this! I am here so I can learn about more photography/editing and possibly to get some of my photos critiqued.


Great Egret

DSC_1621-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg by George Silvas on Light Stalking 1/800@f/11, ISO 200, 280mm, LR/PSE



Got a set of extension tubes for mt trusty X-T1. Now I’ll never have to go outside. I did a photoshop course with a rather brilliant old man who lives near me as well. My head is spinning from the stuff he knows. I did this during my time with him. I kind of like […]


Feathers and rotting leaves

Feathers and rotting leaves on pond by Dado32 on Light Stalking Feathers and rotting leaves on pond. Taken at Wyre Mill Dam Sheffield UK. I quite like the elements of decay in the picture.



B&W, mostly, of Colorado’s 14,000+ peaks as fall turns into winter. Shot with a Canon 1Dx, 24-105 f/4L at 1/250, ISO 125, 1/3 underexposed. Converted to B&W in NIK Silver Efex with opacity of that layer lowered to 50%. RAW settings were Clarity +20 and Medium Contrast in Curves. Sharpened in CS6 using High Pass […]


Is level of noise tolerable?

Picture was under-exposed and always had problems with the noise level. Anything else I can do?