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How Diffraction Can Affect Your Photos (And What to Do About It)

It is something many a landscape photographer will be aware of, but many others may not. Diffraction is an obscure effect but one we should all be know about. You might have noticed it without really understanding what it is, a slight but perceptible softening of the image quality when using small apertures. You might […]


Finding and Photographing the Magnificent Snowy Owl

The Magnificent Snowy Owl. Tundra’s Ghost. The Ghost Owl. These are a few of the names that are used interchangeably when referring to one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This elusive owl is on many birder and photographer’s life list. When you’re fortunate to have one photographic moment with this big beauty, […]

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How a 28mm 1.8G Prime Fits Into Your Photography

This past fall, I purchased Nikon’s 28mm 1.8G at the suggestion of another photographer friend. As I have enjoyed the 85mm and 50mm 1.8G primes, the wider angle perspective would appear to complement these two primes. This lens needed to capture a clear and clean wide angle image that is a ‘what you see is […]


A Brief Review of Formatt Hitech Filters for Mirrorless

My recent move to a mirrorless system using Fuji X series cameras has been a smooth and enjoyable transition. One of the items of kit I had decided to get for the new system was a square filter system. The king of the squares is, of course Lee and they have recently introduced their new […]


A Photographer’s Guide to Bordeaux

France is undoubtably a photographer’s paradise, from majestic Paris to the stunning landscapes of Dordogne, there is barely a corner of the country that is not photogenic. One of the many photographic gems is Bordeaux in the Gironde Department in South Western France. Many may be surprised that it is not a large metropolis, its […]

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Lightroom 5 Help

Some of you might already know about these, but its a good refresher. If you are new to Lightroom, it is a fantastic way to learn about all the tools it has. These tutorials are fantastic, and extremely helpful. I have used lightroom for a long time, and I learned a bunch of tricks and […]


Butterflies leaving for the winter

IMG_0226.JPG by Maryanne Siemer on Light Stalking


Marvelous Mairead

IMG_0226.JPG by Maryanne Siemer on Light Stalking


True fisherman

IMG_1318.JPG by Maryanne Siemer on Light Stalking


MarchantPay are card terminal suppliers and offer secure payment servicesMerchan

MerchantPay are payment service providers and have been created with a very clear vision – a local business who provides secure payment methods at competitive and transparent prices. We aim to be a real alternative to dealing direct with the banks, and their commissions.A local business with worldwide partners, MerchantPay provides options for secure payment. […]


Chillin' On The Docks

ISO 400; 106mm; f/11; 1/250 Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS lens I wanted to capture the weathered look of this man who has spent his life at sea so I intentionally let the toughness of his skin show and balanced it with the softness of his blue eyes and pleasant demeanor. I’m wondering if I […]


Why the face shows dark patch

HI, I took my daughter-in-law photo during the solemnization and her face shows dark patch. How ti happened and how to avoid. I used flash under mid day sun. Please comment and help. This is the picture I have trouble with. Middle of the face is in black patch. D800 Lens 24-70 f/2.8G Focal length: […]