7 Composition Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Landscape Photography


When you start to get into landscape photography, you come to realise that Ansel Adams was correct when he said it is the ultimate test and often the ultimate disappointment. Getting a landscape shot that you are 100% happy with is extremely challenging. A large part of that is getting landscape photography composition right. Composition […]

Wifi in Photography? Get on board!


Let’s be honest, Wifi has been in our lives for some considerable amount of time now. It’s been around in it’s current form since 1997 and many of us had bought into the technology early in the new millennium to beam our internet connections to our laptops and other devices. For photography though, wifi has […]

4 Common Photography Issues and How To Avoid Them

Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski. All rights reserved.

The more you photograph, the more issues will potentially arise. It’s kind of like a spiral. But, being aware of the issues and being capable of avoiding them, will be how you’ll achieve better photographs and really enjoy photography. Of course, you might be aware of some of these issues, but still, if one of […]