The Secrets to Real Estate Photography That Works

The Home You've Always Dreamed Of -- Getting Real Estate Photography Right

Real estate photography can be a lucrative calling to someone who is looking to earn a few extra bucks on the side with their photography, or establish a full-time photography business of their own. While it is possible to earn an income with quality real estate photography, there’s a lot of competition out there. In […]

How to Get Great Portraits With Minimal Equipment


What does it really take to create a great portrait? Do you need multiple lights, a dozen reflectors, several backgrounds, six soft boxes, three umbrellas, a makeup artist, a costume designer, and a wind machine? No. Well… maybe if you’re shooting Angelina Jolie for Elle Magazine. But the truth is- YOU- can create compelling portraiture […]

Want Awesome Photo Prints? These 3 Options Are So Neat

Want Awesome Photo Prints- These 3 Options Are So Neat

On those occasions when fellow photography enthusiasts have managed to pull me into their park bench conversations about the craft we share a love for, one of the topics that inevitably comes up is how different things were before the digital age. To the mind of some, digital photography has devalued the images we capture. […]

Master Your Portraits In Lightroom Like A Pro

Master Your Portraits In Lightroom Like A Pro

By default, we are used to Photoshop doing the heavy lifting, with all sorts of techniques and tricks being used. However, Lightroom is a tool that can’t be underestimated in this field too. Ok, it doesn’t have the flexibility that Photoshop does, but it’s certainly very capable at retouching portraits.

Photography Destination: Southern Arizona

Photography Destination- Southern Arizona

When the state of Arizona pops up in conversation, most people think of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Slot Canyons as photography destinations. For bird and wildlife photographers, there are areas where the many different species of hummingbirds, songbirds, owls plus other wildlife, flock to in abundance. The accessibility to prime spots is also easy. […]