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5 Simple Tips for Photographing Tattooed Models

Photographing models who have tattoos is a bit different from photographing models with natural skin, since the pigment in the tattoo itself is different from skin, so a different setup and approach are required in order to accurately capture tattoos. The differences are usually identified in the small details, and in the way the light […]


How Does Your Camera’s Sensor Size Affect Your Photographs?

Camera sensors come in different form factors nowadays, ranging from medium format, to Micro Four Thirds, and even smaller in the point-and-shoot cameras, which includes those built into smart phones. But why does this matter? How does knowing about this affect your images? Sensor size directly affects the angle of view by a given multiplier. It […]


Let’s Think a Little Deeper Before Photographing the Homeless

Photography isn’t just about photographing happy moments. Every photographer will need to work on unfortunate events at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, those who do portraits know that emotion can be shown best on “sad portraits”. Take homeless people, for example, or people who live in poverty. Pictures with subjects like this are simply […]


The Mysterious Case of the Fake Nikons

Buyer beware. It’s a mantra that serves us photographers very well. We spend significant sums of money on very hi-tech equipment. Most of us have our heads screwed on well enough to recognise a scam, a switch and bait or just a misused second hand camera. It would take a clever and cunning plan to fool […]

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What Exactly is a Gigapan?

Gigapan is one of those technologies that has slowly crept into the collective conciseness of photographers worldwide. From being amazing at the intricate details of massive images of stadiums and crowd scenes, produced by high end photographers and with the help of several assistants, today we have arrived now at a point where a Gigapan […]

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Hi, I’m a amateur photographer, always looking for some constructive criticism to improve. Canon 60D @ 18mm f/5.6 1/30 sec. ISO-320 <img src="http://<img src=”×333.jpg” />Sunset by BINXXX on Light Stalking” alt=”Sunset” />


San Dieguito Lagoon & Pacific Ocean at sunset

click for Flickr View of one of the lagoons in my town with the Pacific Ocean in the background. This was taken May 23, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.


First Feedback Experience

This will be my first time getting feedback for my work. Tell me what you like most and least. Your complete opinion is welcome. It will be appreciated. WarehouseDoggy3.jpg by num1jewel on Light Stalking