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Close-Up & Macro Photography eBook Review

Are you into macro photography? Are you into eBooks? Good, because I think you’re going to love Introduction to Close-Up & Macro Photography by Ed Verosky. The eBook seeks to alleviate much of the anxiety surrounding macro photography by addressing the most pressing points of inquiry and providing the reader with a roadmap to producing wonderful macro images.


5 Things That Often Get Overlooked In Your Photography Workflow

All photographers have their own way of doing things. The workflow differs, but it is essentially the same thing. But since we are all human, we often forget or overlook certain things. This article might overlook something as well, but I will try to point everything out.

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How to Get Sharper Eyes in Your Portraits

A good portrait draws the viewer in to the subject, creating a connection between the two. It should provoke thought and intrigue, making you wonder what the subject is thinking at the time the shot was taken. If there is one part of the face that can communicate this the most, it is the eyes. Beautiful, sharply focused eyes grab your attention and hold it there, they can make or break a portrait, but there is an art to getting pin sharp eyes, a lot of it in the technique used to take the shot, some of it in the post-production. Let’s take a look at what we can do to get those eyes sharp.


How To Photograph Weddings: 9 Tips to Create Perfect Memories

A wedding is a sacred moment for many people. A wedding photographer is hired to document that moment, as discretely as possible, without ruining the fun and moment for anybody. As easy as this may sound, this is a task which many professionals fail to accomplish the right way. Photographing a wedding means that you need to be everywhere, but not obstruct anything. In addition, keep in mind that your photographs will need to be top notch from the get-go because there is no “let’s try again” or “don’t worry, we will reschedule”.

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6 Spine-Chilling Ideas to Create Spooky Photographs This Halloween

It’s October and that frightful time of year is upon us in many countries around the globe. Halloween. For kids, it’s costumes of ghosts, goblins, princesses, movie characters and animals. For photographers (notice that I did not say grownups!), it’s a time of creating mystery, a bit a dark drama, a lack of color and a starkness that emanates foreboding emotion. We’ll explore subjects that automatically evoke a creepy, eerie sensation using techniques of 1) harsh editing 2) silhouettes 2) shadows 4) exposure 5) distortion and 6) movement.

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Red Pots

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A simple Hello!

Hello! I just started photography 6 months ago, as far as I can remember, I have always loved photography, painting, visual arts.I don’t have a FIRST photograph that got me hooked, the way it happened is that a friend of mine gave me her old point and shoot camera and that was a revelation. I […]


First time posting to shark tank

This image is from a 2 yr old’s portrait session I did a while back. Forgive me, but I’m not familiar with what exif information is, so I don’t have it posted with this image. If you could enlighten me, I’d appreciate it! DSC_5254.jpg by AllsPhoto on Light Stalking


Paul Malen

I have had an interest in photography ever since I was a teenager which was during the 60′s when TV, magazines were filled with photojournalism that was documenting and communicating the changes in our society. That is when3 I first became ware of the power of photography. Very soon I became aware of the work […]


Galway Swan

This was taken from the window of our self-catering unit at the Granary Suites, which is located over a river in Galway, Ireland (great place!). I’m thinking about doing something extreme with this, because although the bird is nice, I’m disappointed in the lack of detail in the feathers, and there’s nothing but darkness around […]


Why I love taken photos

I am Petie, I have just loved to take photos of all kinds, I think my dad got me hooked on taking photos. I also taught art for many years and the camera was always right on my hip. I think that this group will help me learn a lot and happy to be with […]



I’m Christian from the ATL area. City kid stuck in the burbs with 14 years graphic design experience and about 3 years hobby photo experience. under my belt: 3 wedddings, a couple of engagement shoots, some kiddos, a bunch of my dogs, daughter, nature and random objects. If it looks cool, i’ll shoot it. Hola.