4 Common Photography Issues and How To Avoid Them

Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski. All rights reserved.

The more you photograph, the more issues will potentially arise. It’s kind of like a spiral. But, being aware of the issues and being capable of avoiding them, will be how you’ll achieve better photographs and really enjoy photography. Of course, you might be aware of some of these issues, but still, if one of […]

How To Share Awesome Images On Social Media!

Twitter image posting

We all love to upload our images to social media. Be it to show our professional work, get critique from our peers or just to show our friends and family our latest shots, between us, we upload tens of millions of images per day to social media sites. As photographers, of course, we strive to […]

6 Tips That Will Improve Your Portraiture!


Portrait Photography. Even if you’ve been photographing portraits for years, you’ll never stop learning new things, new techniques, and just try to improve generally. Of course, it’s something you should aspire to as much as possible. The elements you have to work with are always the same, however, the combinations you can use are pretty much […]

4 Steps to Photographing Statues and Sculptures

Statues and sculpture range broadly from historical figures, modern abstracts in a variety of materials to mass produced replicas of the real thing. Photographing sculptures and statues (we’ll use these interchangeably) is an artist’s view of an another artist’s work. When photographing a sculpture, it can tell a story. It can also be ‘just another […]

What Can Billiards Teach You About Light & Photography?


Light is malleable. Have you ever thought about that- that you could work light like a ball of clay? It’s true. Light has 5 distinct characteristics that should be of interest to any photographer, and one undeniable truth that every photographer should know and understand. However, many don’t. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading […]