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What is a Picture-Perfect Wildlife Photograph?

What makes a picture-perfect wildlife photograph? In many wildlife and nature photography articles (including mine), there are tips on getting tack sharp images. Most of these start with getting the eye in clear focus. There’s the other important elements that we mindfully consider such as the ‘rule of thirds’, the right depth of field, exposure. […]


How to Make the Mundane Look Good in Photography

We often think of photography in two ways, photographing things that are beautiful, or documenting reality, which is often the anthesis to beautiful. However it’s quite possible and indeed very rewarding to try and make mundane, everyday scenes look beautiful. Today we are going to look at some ideas for elevating the mundane to the […]

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rhino evo

Review: Rhino EVO Slider And Motion Control

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped to hear Rhino was releasing a motorized slider system and asked us over at Lightstalking to test it out and share our honest opinions about our experience with it. I wasn’t sure what to all expect in the beta model they agreed to send over, as their Kickstarter shows […]


The 5 Keys to Doing Large Photography Projects

Not long ago, a few friends of mine and I started a small video production in order to try out the success of this business in our country. We needed to make two videos about fitness and bodybuilding, giving it an artistic touch. So we planned and executed the job in one day (18 hours of […]


Lighthouse Photography: Inspiring Images of The Navigators, Guardians and Greeters

Lighthouses are a beacon for their role in history. Their many stories inspired painters, writers and photographers who want to share their beauty, mystique and history. They have served as navigational aids for centuries. Lighthouses marked treacherous coastlines, provided safe entries into harbors and sent warnings out to sea. Initial lighthouses were fires built on […]

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Will be happy for constructive feedback on: Achievement by zakiem on Light Stalking</a


Idyllic setting – Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

I wish I had had my speedlite with me for this shot. Then could have used a narrower aperture. As it was the ISO was 4000 ; f4.0; 1/2000 sec; focal length 20 mms. Used Nikon D5200. What settings do you think I should have used ? Do you think I should make the sky […]


Floating Market Entrepreneur

This is an addition to my series on the “Life of a Woman”. It was taken in Thailand’s last floating market. The shooting conditions are challenging. There is a high dynamic range of light. A relatively fast shutter speed is required because there is a lot of movement. Isolating the subject is the difficult because […]