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Black-crowned Night Heron

Full-Frame or Cropped Sensor: Which Will Work for You?

There’s a large selection of camera brands, with various models combined with choices of full-frame, and cropped frame sensors. Searching for the right camera can be exciting, but it can also be time consuming and sometimes downright confusing. Cameras, lenses, gear and accessory costs can mount quickly. The information and images in this article are to assist you in making a decision that is right for you. There really isn’t a right or wrong but there probably is a ‘better option for you’ based on your goals.

japanese gardens 21 9

7 Elements that Make Japanese Gardens a Photographer’s Paradise

When thinking of landscape photography, we typically make an instant leap to large scale subjects — mountains, deserts, beaches, canyons. Landscape, however, isn’t necessarily a synonym for colossal; compelling landscape photography isn’t limited to big ticket items, so to speak. In fact, there are times when smaller is better — or at least just as good. Case in point: Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are in many ways microcosms of the natural world, albeit highly stylized versions of the natural world.


How to Deal With Demanding Clients: 5 Tips for Photographers

Photographers often get hired by clients for specific assignments. While some clients may be more accommodating than others, every professional knows that meeting the demands of the client is easier said than done. So how does one deal with demanding clients? Proper and timely communication is one of the keys to great rapport but there’s a lot more to it. Here are some tips to help you.

By Anthony DeLorenzo

How to Build Your Momentum and Use it to Accomplish Your Photographic Goals

Most people who are successful at whatever they do, are good at goals. Setting them and meeting them. The more frequently and quickly that happens, usually the more successful that person is in whatever they’re trying to do. This is momentum. The process of continually setting and accomplishing goals is momentum. And it’s as real for photographers as for anyone else. When a goal is met, there’s a spark of emotional energy released for the pursuit of the next goal. In this way, we can ride the wave of momentum.

An example of wallpaper used as a background. Photo by Louise Docker

10 Creative Background Ideas for the Broke Macro Photographer

If you have an attic, a closet, or even a junk drawer, I guarantee you can create a unique background for your close-up photos! My favorite thing about macro photography is that you can work on the tiniest sets; and tiny sets don’t need too much of any one material to fill your frame. You could create a stunning scene in a shoebox if you tried. I’m sure you have a ton of odds and ends that would make excellent backgrounds in your macro photography, so get digging! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Looking back, I have always LOVED taking pictures! But I never had more than a point and shoot. But last year, I got a Canon Rebel T3i for my birthday and am loving it! Both of my kids play sports, so I am the parent ‘volunteer’ who photographs the games. The other parents all love […]



I am Manjeet Kohli. I started out as nature/landscape photographer and now finding my way into portrait photography. My aha moment came when I saw Ansel Adam’s work.


Who's Thawratallolo

My name is Zahraa Al Samea, I’m working as Sales Engineer, and I’ve started taken photos since long time, and just before one year I bought Canon 650D to have nice and good pictures. my insta address is: @Zahraaalsamea1 and I appreciate your feedback.


what wrong did I do?

<br>sun ray on flowers by hma1962 on Light Stalking my settings was Device: Nikon D3200 Lens: 70-300mm f/4-5.6G Focal Length: 240mm Focus Mode: Manual AF-Area Mode: Single Exposure Aperture: f/22 Shutter Speed: 1/30s Exposure Mode: Manual Exposure Comp.: -1.3EV Metering: Spot ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100


Morning run

Here I tried to capture my morning runs. would like to know if this could have been made more interesting


Ankush Parab – beginner and amatuer

Hello, I have started exploring photography since a year now. Since I saw one of my cousin’s photos who was working for local fashion magazine I got hooked to camera. I am from India originally and right now living in Michigan, USA. Due to the work schedule I am not able to join any group […]


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My name is Ginette. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m a mother, lawyer and amateur photographer. I like photographs that tell a story or express a feeling. The first photo I saw that showed me this is one taken by Frank Fournier,a Fench photographer. The photo is of Omayra Sánchez Garzón (August 28, 1972 […]