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Daisy Delight by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

The Art and Science of Bokeh: 3 Simple Ideas to Create Better Background Blur

Both bokeh and blur are terms that are used interchangeably in photography. Bokeh comes from the way the lens pulls in the points of light that are not in focus. Bokeh or blur can be good or distracting depending on the preference of the photographer and how it’s used in the image. Bokeh may create a smooth, buttery background with almost a painterly effect. Or, it can be busy, with multiple shapes and colors. Experience and practice enhances the effective and intentional use of bokeh.

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5 Little Known Lightroom Tools That Will Make Your Photos Better

Chances are you’re using Lightroom and getting along with it just fine. But, as is the case with nearly any application, there is always some “hidden” or overlooked feature that would certainly be beneficial if only you knew it existed or knew how to use it. So whether you’re a recent Lightroom convert or adoptee just getting acclimated to a new workspace, or a longtime Lightroom user who has simply been content to use the same few tools each time you work, I will show you 5 Lightroom tools that you may want to put to use on a regular basis.

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Stuck for Ideas? Try These 7 Creative Ideas for a Photography Project

An idea is a powerful thing. Every creative process starts with an idea. But as a creative bunch, we all have been through times when we couldn’t get to an idea even when our life depended on it. That is why you are probably reading this article – since you decided to find ideas with the help of your favorite buddy: the internet. Whether it is a full scale project, or a small series of images, these ideas might help you out.

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Photo Editing On The Go: A First Look at Lightroom Mobile for iPad

Mobile apps for photographers have come a long way since the the release of the original iPhone and iPad. Perhaps a real marker for this progress has been the release of Lightroom Mobile from Adobe. Whist there are a plethora of both image management and image process apps available for smartphones and tablets, Lightroom Mobile combines both with a seamless connection to you main Lightroom catalogue. The Mobile app itself is free to use but for the moment only available to users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. We are going to take a look at the iPad version.

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Why Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Photographers is a Good Deal

When Adobe first announced that their seminal editing program Photoshop was moving to a subscription basis, there was, quite rightly some deep concern from photographers, including myself. Indeed the initial pricing of just the Photoshop package was aimed at professional photographers and could be considered a luxury for anyone for whom photography was a hobby. Recently, Adobe has created a specialist photographer’s package includes Photoshop as well as Lightroom. The main selling point of this new package is it’s price, $9.99/£8.79 per month, putting within the reach of most enthusiasts as well as professionals. Let’s take a look at why this is such a great deal.

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retired from aviation canon 5d mk2 24-105 f4 70-200 f4 lee filters yongnuo flash (can’t afford the canon) B & W portraits hooked me – John Lee Hooker & Carlos Santana by Richard Aaron is an example. Others such as Keith Richard, Rich Suzerain.


still life with vegetables

<br>still life with vegetables by VALERY on Light Stalking f16 1 s ISO100


Do I have enough??

<br>Do I have enough? by Andre Barnard on Light Stalking Nikon D7100, 1/160sec, f6.3, ISO 200, 50mm fixed lens


Town Lake Morning

long exp 30sec 17-35mm 2.8 @f5 5:4 some ps editing to remove water bottles trapped in muck in bottom of image hotel guide and other such materials used for tripod (also cropped out) lol <br>town lake morning by davecoble on Light Stalking


Newbie Post

Hello, this is my first post here. I’ve chosen a photo I like, but I don’t have the details of what was going on behind the scenes. (Camera settings, etc) I was using a couple clip lamps as my lighting source, they were clipped to my tripod. Otherwise the room had very little light. <br>What’s […]


A Tale of 3 Tails

heavily cropped <br>A Tale of 3 Tails by davecoble on Light Stalking


Sunrise Tail Splash

one more from same morning. was going for sunrise splash on tails <br>Tail Sunrise Splash by davecoble on Light Stalking