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Let’s Think a Little Deeper Before Photographing the Homeless

Photography isn’t just about photographing happy moments. Every photographer will need to work on unfortunate events at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, those who do portraits know that emotion can be shown best on “sad portraits”. Take homeless people, for example, or people who live in poverty. Pictures with subjects like this are simply […]

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The Mysterious Case of the Fake Nikons

Buyer beware. It’s a mantra that serves us photographers very well. We spend significant sums of money on very hi-tech equipment. Most of us have our heads screwed on well enough to recognise a scam, a switch and bait or just a misused second hand camera. It would take a clever and cunning plan to fool […]


What Exactly is a Gigapan?

Gigapan is one of those technologies that has slowly crept into the collective conciseness of photographers worldwide. From being amazing at the intricate details of massive images of stadiums and crowd scenes, produced by high end photographers and with the help of several assistants, today we have arrived now at a point where a Gigapan […]


How to Improve Your Photography with the Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release is an easy and inexpensive way to immediately improve the quality of our images. Additionally, the remote shutter release allows for more compositional freedom. We’ll outline 1) What remote releases are and how they work, 2) When to use them, and 3) The remote release options with purchasing tips. by Pete […]


How Getting the Foreground Right Can Make Your Outdoor Photographs Pop

Photography is about representing a three dimensional scene in a two dimensional image. When we first start to use a camera, we tend to fixate on our subject matter, to the detriment of other elements within the scene. This makes our initial attempts look flat and two dimensional. There are a number of ways that […]

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Hello! I am an ameuter photographer living in the United States-but daydreams about living in the UK. Mostly I take travel photos and landscapes but am trying to expand my reporitoire to include more portraits. I never really thought much about photography until I got to college. My dad let me borrow his old minolta […]


Cascades below Wildcat Falls

Wildcat Falls is a little known waterfall in Yosemite National Park that is dry for most of the year. Click to Flickr.



My name is Hezekiah Josiah Hicks, and I’m an Creative, specializing in: Acting, Cinematography, Dancing, Photography, Poetry, Publishing, Singing and soon; Audio Production,Baking/Cooking, Digital Illustration, Illustration, UI/UX Design, and Web Design. I predominantly taught myself most of the arts, and currently attending the University of Maryland of Baltimore County for my Photography B.F.A. and Media […]