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Learning from Your Mistakes Even When No One Knows You’ve Made Them

By the time we’re adults, most of us have learned that mistakes are much better teachers than successes are. Mistakes engage our ingrained loss aversion. If you make the mistake of walking away from your camera bag on the sidewalk, if it’s stolen, you’ll feel the sting of losing your camera to a thief every time you set it down in public. Loss aversion is usually a stronger force in our mind than the drive to acquire. It means that, as far as our subconscious learning mind is concerned, we’ll work harder not to lose something we already have, than to work hard to get something we want, but don’t yet have.


7 Simple Maintenance and Care Tips to Keep Your Digital Camera in Great Shape

Camera bodies, lenses and accessories are significant investments that require care. They start the day with us at sunrise, finish at sunsets and stick with us for the many moments in between. They attend parties, milestone events, embark with us on travel or when we’re just kicking around the house looking for something to shoot. Many take care of their gear after every outing. Some wait until it’s very obvious that a good cleaning and maintenance is well overdue. With a few dollars and a few minutes of routine care time, your investment will require less costly maintenance. Read on for simple care tips that will ensure your gear continues to provide you with beautiful, clear images for many years.


How to Compose Portrait Photographs for Best Results

Composing the right frame when it comes to portraits may sound like an easy task, but when you take into consideration that you’ll need to have the focus on the right spot, the light hitting from the right angle and keeping in mind the things you can and can’t crop from the photo, while maintaining the fibonacci golden ratio or rule of thirds, you’ll realize it is far from easy. After you get enough practice, you won’t even notice all of the things you’re considering at the same time. But, until then, don’t forget to include all of these aspects when practising portrait photography.

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6 Tips to Avoid Laziness in Your Photography

Once the first flushes of our photographic journey have worn off, a certain laziness can creep in. This can manifest itself in a slight arrogance that we know all we need to know or that we have the required skill to achieve the look that we desire in our shots. Sometimes it can even be a case of photographers’ block, an effect that paralyses our ability to see and shoot good images. Today we are going to look at some ways to shake off laziness and inject some new energy into your photos.

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5 DSLR Camera Features All New Photographers Will Want to Master

The incredible assortment of buttons on your camera can be intimidating. We’re not talking about just pro level DSLRs, either; even entry level cameras really pack it in when it comes to button array. It can be overwhelming, especially for those just getting started in photography. How do you know, of all the features available on your camera, which ones you should learn first? While some might suggest it’s worth the effort to learn everything your camera is capable of, the more measured approach is to master the essentials first then move on to other features. The importance of being comfortable with your camera cannot be understated; mastering the following DSLR features will help you take control of your camera and, by extension, your creativity.

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RC PARK.jpg by dtmacias on Light Stalking


Infant Photo Shoot



I’m Peggy. I first got interested in photography through my dad. He was an amateur photographer and had a collection of camera’s. He taught me the old school settings on Nikon film camera’s. Unfortunately, that was so long ago, I don’t remember anything. But I was hooked, and still am. I just never pursued it […]


Second photo for the Shark Tank

Esperance by sturtjasher on Light Stalking 200mm f3.5 1/800 ISO200 CC: @Nikon-Nut


A Sign of Spring

Took this a few yrs ago before I knew about shooting in RAW. Only just found it while cleaning up my HD A sign of spring.JPG by Rendell on Light Stalking


Tate Britain fisheye

Red Bag – LR4-2261452-web.jpg by DavidN on Light Stalking (exif and flick link on photo) I regard this as a fairly appropriate and conventional use of fisheye – all the curves are already there, the fisheye is just highlighting them – a different perspective (For about a year, a couple of years back, this lens […]


First Post in "The Shark Tank"

Lets Play Ball.jpg by Kisabowcreations on Light Stalking CC: @baseball