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Don’t Let Your Camera Ruin Your Photography

New cameras are great. Whether you’re a beginner about to purchase your first “serious” camera, or an enthusiast or pro looking to make a significant body upgrade, getting a new camera is exciting. Some people will put endless hours of research into their prospective camera, while others are pretty sure what they want from the moment a new camera is introduced to the market. And then you wait. And wait. You wait with bated breath, for what seems to be an eternity, for your friendly delivery person to leave you with the coveted brown box containing your expensive new toy. You unbox it all and, just like that, everything is right with the world. If, however, one of your life’s objectives is to continue to improve as a photographer, going through the above scenario too often can be detrimental to your development. I’ll explain.

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Free Photography Software for Your Image-Editing Needs

There’s no denying the fact that in photography, the software necessary to process the images can cost more than an entry level DSLR camera. It’s because of this prohibitive cost that many opt for freeware solutions, at least during the learning process. Indeed, much of the software we use for photo-editing has decent freeware alternative. Each has its own sets of pros and cons, but can fulfill most of your requirements. Here are some examples of good and useful free software for photographers.

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How to Make Sure Your Photos are Everything You Envisioned Them to Be

One of the reasons people become consumed by their creative endeavors is due to an overwhelming desire to overcome a challenge. Any challenge worth confronting will, once defeated, yield an appreciable sense of personal satisfaction. But such challenges are also, to varying degrees, frustrating — you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but making it there is the hard part. Something that new photographers commonly struggle with (though this is hardly limited to just beginners) is translating the pictures they conjure in their mind’s eye to match the images that come out of their camera.

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30 Links to Inspiring Photography Articles and Amazing Photos

It’s been another terrific week in the world of photography with many talented artists sharing photographs and articles exhibiting the finest in the field today. Toad Hollow Photography has been busy all week looking for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone, and we really hope you enjoy these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

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Underworld: 21 Captivating Images of Life on the Subway

Anyone who has ever spent much time on the subway will understand that life underground is not drastically different from life above ground; almost anything that people will do at home, they will also do on the subway. This includes — but is by no means limited to — eating, sleeping, listening to music, arguing with family members, personal grooming/getting dressed. You get the idea. If you’re into photography, you may find the subway to be a paradise of sorts where, in spite of the confined space, life happens unabated.

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Hello. I am new. I joined this site as a start for information. As of right now I only have my cell camera but I am hoping to make the major purchase of a good camera body soon (hello tax refund I’ve got plans for you.) However, with this major purchase come soooooooooo many questions. […]


deer hill road

waterloo, illinois


Long Leaf still Life

Still life of a long leaf. Three photos stitched together to get high resolution image. Any visual interest here? Ok to say no. The underside of the leaf is curled under creating straight lines and might look like a poor job of photoshop selection but thats what the leaf looks like. Long Leaf by bgreene […]


Missing forums

Thought I was going to post a nice lion portrait but the Animals Forum has disappeared into thin air… CC: @admin, @tersha


Move it over?

Tatonka.jpg by ndjetfan on Light Stalking



hallo to all! any suggestion for book/tutorials about Lightroom? Thanks,