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7 Latest Web Design Trends for Photography Websites in 2014

In today’s world websites play bigger part than a practical communication. They are supposed to drive attention, traffic and sales, especially in photography business. Fortunately for photographers, along with the development of the web, a lot of new opportunities have come into scene. For instance, a few years ago we could not even imagine a system that will allow us to create a functional nice websites without knowing how to code, but today it’s reality. In this article I’m going to determinate the top web design trends of this year and show how they can be useful for photography websites.

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Has the Age of Mirrorless Cameras Truly Arrived?

Mirrorless is a bit of a misnomer. In fact virtually all non-DSLR cameras, by their very nature are mirrorless. However, the term generally refers to cameras with either or both, a micro 4/3rds sensor or bigger and an interchangeable lens system. However it is defined, 2014 has been a good year for the mirrorless class, they are one of the few growth areas within the photographic business. So are we in, or about to enter the golden age of mirrorless cameras?

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A Gazillion Photography Links to Cool Tutorials, Great Photography and More

Another exciting week in the world of photography rolls on past and we find Toad Hollow Photography searching for links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone. This week’s list features a wide variety of tutorials and styles, showcasing some of the very best content online today created by some of the finest artists. We really hope you enjoy these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


8 Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make and How to Avoid Them

We have all been beginners at some point in time. Some of you must have just got your first camera, and being a beginner in photography, probably making some mistakes along the way. The best thing you can do is to identify the mistakes, so you can learn how to fix them, and avoid them in the future. That is the key to becoming a great photographer. Here are some common mistakes beginner photographers usually make, with tips on how to avoid them.

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Hands-On Review of Think Tank Photo’s Airport Roller Derby

I’ve been using a ThinkTank Shape Shifter backpack for a little while and, overall, was quite pleased with its performance, which is why I was especially pleased when ThinkTank was nice enough to send over an Airport Roller Derby for me to try out and put to test. As an avid traveler, I was curious to see how well the bag would hold up and keep my gear safe while I put it to the test–which, admittedly, is no easy task. Read on to see how it fared.

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There is still much to be learned for all of us. ..


Two Kings

<br>Two Kings by Shawnp on Light Stalking Any feedback on this photo would be appreciated. Would love to know what I could have done diffrently. Any feedback appreciated.



Hi, This is Sumitra, I work and live in Bangalore, India. The first photograph that got me hooked was a shot I took at a heritage site in Karnataka. This was when I felt that taking photos would be something I did for the rest of my life.


Comments appreciated on statue

Hello, Many thanks for your comments on the picture below. My intention is to create a dreamlike, illusive atmosphere around the subject. A mixture of painting and photography. ƒ/9.0 35.0 mm 1/40 200 LR edited. Have a wonderful day and all the best. <br>Illusion.jpg by Mario on Light Stalking


Hi! My name is Lisa….

and I’m addicted to photography! I don’t remember the first photograph that captured my eye but I do know that magazines such as Life and National Geographic certainly spurred me on to want to make photographs “like THOSE!” I considered myself an “advanced beginner” still finding my way around in photography. I like several genres [...]


Blonde hair – blue eyes

My goal in this photo was to bring out the model’s blue eyes and the vibrant smile. She applied the red lipstick, so I wasn’t sure if I should keep as is or reduce the saturation of the red lips. I am curious to hear some ideas as to how this could be a better [...]


Introducing gadza

I am a 36 year old medical doctor at a mining company in Zimbabwe. The first photograph that caught my eye was a black and white portrait of my late uncle, his eyes were so clear and serene and they reminded me of the eyes of my older sister. The resemblance was so uncanny and [...]