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What Photographers Can Learn From The Visual Styles of These 4 Famous Movie Directors.

Movies, just like photography, vary greatly in visual style depending upon the artist behind it. Movies and photography are different fields. They vary quite a bit, since movies are motion-pictures, after all. This doesn’t mean that the visual concepts are much different, however. When movie directors draft a concept and visualize a scene, they do that in a […]


Why This Photographer Thinks You Should Watermark Your Photographs

The majority of photographers don’t like watermarking their images. Why mar the perfect balance of your picture with a distracting logo, right? Watermarks should be regarded as a necessary evil, however, and photographers and internet users alike have learned to accept it as an inevitability. In this digital age, stealing someone’s image is as simple as “right click, save as.” It […]


How to Prepare and Sell Your Camera Gear

Some photographers sadly suffer from a mild hoarding syndrome. In other words, they get overly sentimental about their gear. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also photographers who try to upgrade their gear as soon as possible. No matter which group you would classify yourself in, you would be wise to sell […]


5 Tips to Maximize Your Time Behind the Camera

Time and timing is so important in outdoor photography. For sunrises, you need to get up early to arrive with setup time to photograph the blue hues before the sun crests the horizon. If it’s golden hour images you’re after, there’s a short window before the day’s light becomes a bit harsh and the lighting […]


40 Winks: 16 Amusing Images of People Napping in Public

Sweet sleep. Too many of us don’t get enough of it. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we need to do, some of the things we like to do, and still get adequate sleep. So it should come as no surprise to see people trying to reclaim some […]

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My recent favourites

Hi, I didn’t see any specific rules about posting multiple pictures for critique in one post, so here I go. These are my three favourite recent pictures, they are all in different styles, taken on days when I was practising different styles and approaches. This first picture is a landscape of Lamma Harbour at dusk. […]



Hi all, I’ve long been reading this website and forum and have now decided to join and say hello. I’m a British guy who lives in Hong Kong. When I moved here two years ago I was given a second-hand Panasonic Lumix digital camera so people could see some of the things I was seeing. […]


Playing With Onion Skins: Tiara

Last week after peeling and cooking with an onion, I finally got the camera and started taking some macro shots. As usual, once the regular editing was finished, it was time to play. I thought this one looked like a tiara. Because I used extension tubes there is no f-stop value. I don’t know if […]