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Introducing The Light Stalking Contributor Program

With the popularity of Light Stalking, we get a ton of requests from photographers and people who write about photography to display their work to the community. As part of the reason for Light Stalking is to “spread the word about the talented people who produce [photography]” this prompted us to sit down and figure out, once and for all, how this can work.

Think you have what it takes to write for Light Stalking?

Light Stalking will be accepting articles, tutorials and collections of photographs for possible inclusion on the main page of the site as part of the Light Stalking Contributor Program – but only if you can stand our rigorous review process.

Now we get pitched with these every day from people hoping to get in front of the huge audience we have here so not everyone is suited to this.

We’re not begging you to do this and we’re not going to make any promises we don’t intend to keep, but we can identify a few compelling reasons that we think any serious up and coming photographer will want to write for Light Stalking.

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