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Why You May Need a Guide for Travel Photography

Travel and photography go together like cheese and wine. But as any traveler will know, there are certain things that can make your life a lot easier while you’re on the road. Photo-journalists have known for years that getting a “fixer” makes things go more smoothly – especially in developing countries. But what about us […]

5 Ways to Truly Explore a Single Photographic Subject

When you start to get serious about photography, something becomes very apparent to you – that getting different effects while photographing the same subject doesn’t need to be particularly difficult. It is actually quite easy to render totally different effects on a single subject using a few tried and tested tactics. What you will come […]

How to Add Depth to Your Photographs

One of the biggest challenges thrown up by photography is the fact that it is done in two dimensions. While that can be a draw back, it also presents some wonderful artistic opportunities. Working to add a sense of depth for the viewer is one of the things that, as a photographer, you have a […]

How Award-Winning Travel Photographs Are Taken

Do you have a solid technical understanding of your camera and how to take a good travel shot, but lack the examples you need to take your photography to that next level? Many of us have that understanding, but need that extra bit of practical guidance to get our photographs from good to great (or […]

Why You Will Probably Want to Get a Prime Lens

For most people, the initial foray into getting serious about photography involves getting a lower end “prosumer” DSLR camera with a kit lens. The images produced by such a setup can be extremely good and there is nothing wrong with sticking with that gear. Some photographers, however, might start to wonder what else in out […]

How to Shoot Great Portraits with Your Kit Lens

Shooting portraits is always one of the most popular topics discussed on Light Stalking. Everyone wants to get that professional look, but many feel they are hamstrung by their gear. While a cheap lens can be a slightly limiting factor, it should be seen more as a challenge than a game changer because there are […]