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Why You May Need a Guide for Travel Photography

Travel and photography go together like cheese and wine. But as any traveler will know, there are certain things that can make your life a lot easier while you’re on the road. Photo-journalists have known for years that getting a “fixer” makes things go more smoothly – especially in developing countries. But what about us […]

How to Add Depth to Your Photographs

One of the biggest challenges thrown up by photography is the fact that it is done in two dimensions. While that can be a draw back, it also presents some wonderful artistic opportunities. Working to add a sense of depth for the viewer is one of the things that, as a photographer, you have a […]

Why You Will Probably Want to Get a Prime Lens

For most people, the initial foray into getting serious about photography involves getting a lower end “prosumer” DSLR camera with a kit lens. The images produced by such a setup can be extremely good and there is nothing wrong with sticking with that gear. Some photographers, however, might start to wonder what else in out […]