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21 Creatively Captured Moon Reflections in Water

Nothing can be quite as evocative as the moon for a lot of people (not just photographers). Something about it attracts us. When you combine it with water and reflections, a little visual magic happens. We think this collection of photographs shows that magic. Don’t forget to add your own moon reflection photographs in the […]

Fascinating and Colourful Photographs of Creepy Crawlies

While they might make our skin crawl, they indisputably offer photographers a heap of opportunities for great macro photography. Creep crawlies are everywhere and with a macro lens, a reversing ring, some extension tubes or a macro bellows, you can get some amazing images. Check out this collection of creepy crawlies and see the links […]

17 Creative Uses of Lens Flare (And How to Get The Effect Yourself)

For many years in photography, lens flare was actively avoided by photographers. Flare, which is basically light scattered within the lens due to unplanned reflection and lens impurities, was considered as something that ruined a photograph. Equipment like lens hoods were invented to help prevent it. But times change and so do fashions. These days, […]

27 Photos of Waves To Get You Through the Day

For those photographers who are lucky enough to live near the coast, many will know that waves are a never ending source of great photographic opportunities. From abstract through to coastal landscapes and waterscapes, they can be photographed in an infinite amount of styles. This collection showcases some of those styles and shows what can […]

24 Creative Duotone Photographs

When you’re looking to create a certain mood or feeling in your imagery, many photographers turn to monotone or duotone. And while most go with subdued tones to evoke similar feeling to black and white photographs, duotone can also be used in a way to spruce up the feeling too. Check out this collection for […]

Why Birds Are a Photography Favourite

Bird photography is always a popular topic among outdoor photographers. The challenges presented in trying to get a good photograph of a bird though, are difficult to understate. Besides the skittish nature of the animal, problems with weather, wind, light and backgrounds always seem to throw themselves into your path. These recent images though show […]

Winter on the Beach: 26 Chilling Photographs

While we often associate photographs of the beach of sun and fun, we often forget that winter throws up some amazing opportunities for landscapes and coastal landscapes. As you can see from the wonderful winter beach photographs below, just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you should forget about the beach as a place to go! […]

28 Amazing Outdoor Photographs from This Winter

It is very tempting in winter to put away the camera and hunker down inside. As these photographs show, that would be a mistake for the outdoor photography enthusiast. With a little skill, it is possible to capture some amazing photographs, just as these talented people did. Don’t forget to click through to their photographs […]

Monkey Business: How to Photograph Monkeys

Monkeys are a hugely fun subject to photograph and can be the subject of some great shots for you. They do, however, present a few challenges for the photographer like any other wild animal (and possibly a few challenges unique to themselves). Lets look at what you will have to think about if you would […]