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32 Links to the Most Amazing Photography Articles and Photos From Around the Web

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As another terrific week in the photography world passes us by, we find Toad Hollow Photography searching points high and low online for links to the best resources to share here with everyone. This week’s list features a comprehensive set of links to tutorials, special features, great photography and a set of really interesting blog posts. We hope you enjoy perusing this list.

Photographing Reflections: 3 Tips Plus Stunning Examples for Creative Inspiration

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Photographing reflections creates a visionary dimension. When we think of a typical reflection, it may be a majestic mountain mirrored in a still, non-moving, crystal blue lake. Such images are absolutely breathtaking. They are filled with artistry, color, and mood. Photographing reflections also crosses wildlife, street, indoor and other venues. The following tips include: 1) where to find reflections 2) photography techniques & tools, and 3) creativity.

19 Sunflower Photos to Brighten Up Your Day

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Did you know that sunflowers are capable of growing between 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.7 meters) within just six months? There are many other sunflower facts that you probably don’t know. What I’m sure everyone here does know is that sunflowers make beautiful, intriguing photography subjects. Feast your eyes on these lovely sunflower images, and check out the links at the end for some cool resources on flower photography.

17 Wilderness Photographs That Will Make You Want to Go Hiking!

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One of the great pleasures of outdoor photography is simply getting outside and into nature. To be honest, for some of us, it’s the main motivator. So we thought we would put together a small collection of wilderness photographs from some clever photographers who managed to get some very inspiring shots. Check the list of resources at the end of the collection for tips on how to get some of your own shots like these.

Photographer Creates a Photo Series Inspired by His Late Father


Mike Mellia is a New York based photographer whose allegorical photographs often tell a story through conceptual ideas and cinematic compositions. In his most recent work, a photo series titled Another Day in Paradise, he conveys the story of his late father. Capturing the mood of New York City in his photos, Mike creates images that are reminiscent of his father’s life.

Your Weekly Dose of Photographic Awesomeness: 30 Coolest Photography Links

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This week’s comprehensive list of photography related links is full of hand selected pieces that feature the very best Toad Hollow Photography could find in the field. This week’s list is full of tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs, all intended to share the best the internet has to offer. We really hope you enjoy checking these links out as much at the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

19 Shining Examples of Light Trails Photography

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Light trails are an ever-popular photographic treat. The long, flowing streams of illumination can add some serious flair to just about any night scene, particularly night scenes shot in busy, high traffic areas. Even better, light trail images are easy to create. All you need is a camera with manual controls, a tripod (or some other way to stabilize your camera), and a little knowledge of how to manipulate shutter speed to your advantage.

15 Magical Photographs of Foxes


Getting good photographs of animals is difficult. Getting good photographs of animals that are notoriously shy and skittish is on a whole new level. These photographers, especially the ones who were shooting in the wild, have managed to get some amazing photographs of foxes. No easy feat. We have put together this collection with a list of relevant links at the end so you can be inspired.