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Tips on techniques to shoot top photographs.

8 Easy Ways to Become a Better Photographer


The mindful photographer should be concerned not only with acquiring skills but, more importantly, mastering those skills. Skill mastery is better perceived as a journey rather than a final destination, something that takes places over the course of a lifetime. With technological innovations persistently growing, a photographer’s skills should be expanding in due accordance. But […]

What Photographers Can Learn From The Visual Styles of These 4 Famous Movie Directors.


Movies, just like photography, vary greatly in visual style depending upon the artist behind it. Movies and photography are different fields. They vary quite a bit, since movies are motion-pictures, after all. This doesn’t mean that the visual concepts are much different, however. When movie directors draft a concept and visualize a scene, they do that in a […]

5 Ways to Make Your Street Photography More Interesting


Countless photographers and photography critics have engaged in lively debates about the precise definition of street photography. There are those who think of street photography as occurring primarily in an urban setting; others feel that street photography must include human subjects. These are ultimately inconsequential distinctions if we simply state that street photography is photography […]

How to Improve Your Photography By Going Back To Basics


Cameras and camera gear are becoming increasingly more complex in this digital era of photography. The more complex the equipment is, the more attention is needed to operate it. But photography in itself is entirely about attention. So no matter how useful all of your camera’s fancy options are, if they steal your attention away from your surroundings […]

7 Tips To Make Your Street Photography Easier


It is no surprise to say that street photography can be challenging, at times, and even more challenging in certain countries due to differing customs and laws. But that doesn’t mean that street photography is impossible, nor that you can’t make it easier to practice. Photographers should work hard to overcome the difficulties facing them when doing […]

How to Make the Mundane Look Good in Photography


We often think of photography in two ways, photographing things that are beautiful, or documenting reality, which is often the anthesis to beautiful. However it’s quite possible and indeed very rewarding to try and make mundane, everyday scenes look beautiful. Today we are going to look at some ideas for elevating the mundane to the […]