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The 4 Pros and Cons of Photographing Iconic Scenes


Thanks to social media, travel publications and TV, we have many ways to view photographic iconic scenes. From the Arches in Utah, to landscapes in Provence and the many natural and man-made wonders of the world – inspiration is at our fingertips. This inspiration encourages us to travel, to find like subjects, and get creative […]

How to Avoid Clichés in Travel Shots

Go early. Good light and no people makes shooting more relaxing

Ok, before we start let’s just say, there is nothing wrong with clichéd shots. They are clichéd mainly because the position they are taken in gives a great composition and hence a good looking travel shot. The problem is, because everyone takes that same angle, your images of that location, no matter how good they […]

5 Common Mistakes of an Amateur Travel Photographer

Priest in a temple at Lalibela  Ethiopia

As a travel photographer and photography tour leader, Harry Fisch gets to see a lot of photographers and how they interact with their environment. Below, you will find the most common mistakes this award winning photographer sees amongst his students and other photographers while they are out in the field. Confusing the Camera with a Machine […]

What Defines Good Travel Photography?


Travel and photography are perfect bed fellows. Capturing exotic, and not so exotic locations in a unique and interesting way is a challenge to both professional and enthusiasts alike. Encapsulating the sights sounds and smells of a place in a single two dimensional digital image taxes the ability of any photographer. Yet it is incredibly […]