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Scary Window and Other Great Shots


Each week, to make things easier for you, we compile the best of what’s happening on Light Stalking into one easy format.  Since we publish a full-length article almost every day and our community of photographers in the forum is growing by leaps and bounds, it can be hard to sort through it all.  Here […]

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird nectaring at Coral Honeysuckle

Almost every day we publish a helpful and insightful article on photography.  Our community of photographers is growing by leaps and bounds and many photos and topics for discussion are posted each day.  To make it easier for you to sift through it all, we compile the most important content on Light Stalking each week […]

7 Useful Post Ideas for Your Own Photography Blog

Once most photographers become serious about their craft — whether they are amateur, professional, or something in between — they usually start thinking about starting a blog. A photographer’s blog is a venue to not only showcase your work, but also to share your thoughts, in as few or as many words as they like, […]

10 Unmissable Bird Photography Tutorials

Birds are one of those perennially popular photography subjects that just about everybody has a crack at shooting at some point or other. The only problem is that they are one of the toughest subjects to shoot well and pretty much the most difficult of any common animal to photograph in the wild. Luckily there […]