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Stay Inspired With These 30 Links to Beautiful Photography and Cool Tutorials

links 9 jun

It’s been another wonderful week in the world of photography and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching all corners of the internet in an effort to find links to the best tutorials, special features and great photography out there. This week’s list features a hand selected list, showcasing some really useful and interesting tutorials, a special feature and a wonderful selection of incredible photographs.

7 Amazing Deals and Freebies on Photography Education

deals and freebies 4 jun

It is a fact that one should constantly strive to get better at a skill to produce better results, photography being no exception. It takes time and effort to take your photography to the next level. Continuous learning and experimentation is the key. To help you become a better photographer, we’ve put together great deals and freebies on photography education for you.

10 Unmissable Photography Deals and Freebies

caroline photos

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph,” Susan Sontag famously stated in her book On Photography. We can’t argue with it as we all know how true that is. All we can do is try to take better photographs! So here we are again, bringing you some cool deals and freebies from around the web, all aimed at helping you create better images. We hope you like them.

Selling Photographs the New Way: A Look at ImageBrief


Those of us that sell our images through stock agencies, will know that the stock industry falls broadly into two camps, microstock and macrostock. Microstock works on the pile-them-high-sell-them-cheap principle whereas macrostock tends towards higher quality, more exclusivity and higher prices. In recent years, however, a third way has been emerging, most notably in the form of ImageBrief.

Submit Your Photos to These 8 Free-to-Enter Photography Competitions Now


It’s well known that competition can bring out the best in you. It makes you want to win. You learn in a competition more than a course can teach you in weeks and what you learn stays with you for a long time. It’s for these reasons that one must participate in competitions. Oh, and there’s a chance to win great prizes too. Here are some free-to-enter photography competitions.