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Playing with bokeh. [bpfb_images] 7795_0.371911001355090326_img_7080.jpg 7795_0.695609001355090326_img_7087.jpg [/bpfb_images] View
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    drus - - "#LSUse for any photographs posted here or on flickr or…you get the picture. […] "View
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    tomdinning - - "I see the self-portrait group has vanished. You were all too ugly anyway. I took a look in the mirror this morning. Not a good idea. I had to carry that image with me all day. Put me right off my food. I thought, if I have to suffer, you can as […] "View
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    wjmphotography - - "[bpfb_link url='' title='Home | Warren's Photography' image='']Warren’s Photography is a unique photography business that provides wedding, event, portrait, boudoir, child portraiture, corporate, architecture, landscape, panoramic, pet, sport and nature photography services across Western Australia, […] "View
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    unic220 - - "06.25.12: orange painted sky after the heavy rain […] "View
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