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How to Improve Your Photography on a Low Budget

Let’s be honest, photography has never been cheap, in the pre-digital age we needed to buy and process film and ironically the free digital era requires us to upgrade computers buy bigger hard drives and stay in touch with the latest tech. Or does it? Today we are going to have look at ways of […]


3 Essential Playback Tools For Awesome Nature Photography

There are three in-camera playback tools that when used together, help amp up image quality while in the field. They’re easy to set up and easy to use. These tools will provide a quick peek at the quality of your image so you can make the needed adjustments in the field. While it’s never a […]


Why I Downgraded Gear To Upgrade My Photography

Nineteen years ago I got my first real camera, a Canon EOS Rebel X.  This 35mm film camera for me was something I had been lusting after for years, all the way back to the famous Andre Agassi campaign with the famous catch-line stop taking snapshots and start taking photographs.  The days of mullets have […]


Ten Basic Day to Day Techniques to Improve your Photography

Photography is a lifelong learning experience. Even the best of the best will tell you that they still have much to learn. This is perhaps doubly so in the digital era where new ideas and techniques are constantly evolving. If you are just starting out in photography, all this information can seem overwhelming, so today […]


The 30 Coolest Photography Links Of The Week

With a wonderful week having just passed by in the world of photography, we find Toad Hollow Photography working hard to find the best set of links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share here with everyone.  This week’s list represents a fabulous collection of links from some of the most talented writers […]

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Got to shoot these two sisters this past weekend. We had a great time. The younger is a little firecracker, full of creative ideas. I’ll surely be shooting them again. Here’s a few photos. -will Brooklyn n’ Jenny by Will Meades on Light Stalking Brooklyn @ Sunset by Will Meades on Light Stalking Brooklyn B&W […]


Mobile Monday Challenge – 20 April 2015

Usual rules. Open Topic. All images submitted must be taken with, and any editing done on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Please include basic details (Device & editing info) Sage Leaf. iPhone 6+ with accessory macro lens.


The old port in Biarritz

To change from spring, here is a photo taken last year in Biarritz of a fisherman’ house in the old port. I was taken by the colors of the door etc. Nikon D90, 16-85 at 16 mm, ISO 200 and 1/40 sec. Biaritz.jpg by David Pridmore on Light Stalking


High key ??

Hi Shark Tank. Spring is definitely here and the apple trees are starting to bloom and I will return again next week. But I took this photo which is almost high key. What do you think. Nikon D90, Tamron 90 at f90, 1/400 sec and ISO 400. High key flower.jpg by David Pridmore on Light […]


Easter Sunday



Great Northern Loon

Iconic bird from Algonquin Provincial Park in central Ontario Canada. Nothing says Canadian wilderness better than their haunting call. After finding this nest I had several hours to capture images of her. The only down side …… the mosquitoes!!!! ….. which were ferocious. Click for Flickr CC: @albirder, @tobiepsg


Lee Filters-This is why they are so expensive

If you are like me you will ask why Lee Filters are so expensive. I find that they are among the best at not giving a color cast to images when used. Here is a video of a tour and explanation of how they are made. I did not know that they are “hand made”. […]