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How to Quickly use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom to Clean Up Your Photos

While not an exciting post processing action, using the spot removal tool is a necessary step in cleaning your photograph. From dust on the sensor to a distracting imperfection, an image can go from ‘great’ to ‘ok’ as a result of not paying attention to details. We’ll explore when and how to use Lightroom’s spot […]


Shooting Artistic Interiors You Can Be Proud Of

In real estate photography, the goal is to portray the indoor locations in the most realistic yet welcoming way possible. For more artistic purposes, however, such as in creating striking images from an indoor location, you can use many other factors to enhance your images. Why Dynamic Range is Important When photographing indoor locations under […]


How Understanding Clarity and Vibrance in Lightroom Can Improve Your Images

Adobe Lightroom offers two excellent tools for increasing the apparent contrast and saturation of an image without resorting to taking everything to the max. These are the Clarity and Vibrance sliders found at the bottom of the Basic tab in the Develop module under Presence. Lets take a look at what they can do for […]


How to Photograph Rainbows

The song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” recalls for many of us the thrills we experienced the first time we saw “The Wizard of Oz”. Decades later, the late and great Hawaiian singer Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole brought back this sweet song that was mixed with “What a Wonderful World”. The rainbow, with it’s many colors, clean […]


4 Quick Tips for Gaining Exposure on Photo Sharing Sites

One of the biggest thrills for photographers is sharing their work. After so much thought, time, and effort are invested in finding, composing, capturing, and processing your beautiful shots, it would be a shame for no one to ever see them. In the past, the most effective and efficient means of sharing photos was to […]

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Throwdown – My Pet Is…

This is our new kitten, Oliver. He’s mad because I woke him up from his nap.


a Suggestion

With the LS Photo Album being eliminated, it makes it difficult for LS members to see your work. I put a link into my Profile name to one of my portfolio websites. You may want to consider doing the same. That way- we can easily see your photographs.


Stressor's intro

I am really an old guy named Milton. I have taken a great many photographs, but can’t call myself a photographer, as I am still ascending the learning curve. I use the Canon system. Most of the photographs I take include two items, the first being a beautiful young, or not so young, or sometimes […]