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By Anthony DeLorenzo

How to Build Your Momentum and Use it to Accomplish Your Photographic Goals

Most people who are successful at whatever they do, are good at goals. Setting them and meeting them. The more frequently and quickly that happens, usually the more successful that person is in whatever they’re trying to do. This is momentum. The process of continually setting and accomplishing goals is momentum. And it’s as real for photographers as for anyone else. When a goal is met, there’s a spark of emotional energy released for the pursuit of the next goal. In this way, we can ride the wave of momentum.

An example of wallpaper used as a background. Photo by Louise Docker

10 Creative Background Ideas for the Broke Macro Photographer

If you have an attic, a closet, or even a junk drawer, I guarantee you can create a unique background for your close-up photos! My favorite thing about macro photography is that you can work on the tiniest sets; and tiny sets don’t need too much of any one material to fill your frame. You could create a stunning scene in a shoebox if you tried. I’m sure you have a ton of odds and ends that would make excellent backgrounds in your macro photography, so get digging! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Sweet Honey-Bee ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Exposure Compensation: Use it to Master Exposure and to Explore Your Creativity

Exposure Compensation provides the ability to make small adjustments to the your camera’s exposure. While our cameras produce high quality images, we may have individual preferences that are just a bit different from how our camera reads various scenes. Or, when working with a subject, we may want to add another dimension from a creative, artistic perspective using Exposure Compensation.

Design Trends 4

7 Latest Web Design Trends for Photography Websites in 2014

In today’s world websites play bigger part than a practical communication. They are supposed to drive attention, traffic and sales, especially in photography business. Fortunately for photographers, along with the development of the web, a lot of new opportunities have come into scene. For instance, a few years ago we could not even imagine a system that will allow us to create a functional nice websites without knowing how to code, but today it’s reality. In this article I’m going to determinate the top web design trends of this year and show how they can be useful for photography websites.

mirrorless cameras 16 9

Has the Age of Mirrorless Cameras Truly Arrived?

Mirrorless is a bit of a misnomer. In fact virtually all non-DSLR cameras, by their very nature are mirrorless. However, the term generally refers to cameras with either or both, a micro 4/3rds sensor or bigger and an interchangeable lens system. However it is defined, 2014 has been a good year for the mirrorless class, they are one of the few growth areas within the photographic business. So are we in, or about to enter the golden age of mirrorless cameras?

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How I got into photography

I got my first camera at a gas station many years ago for filling up my tank. I was plastic and roll film. It hocked me but I can also say, high end equipment isn’t a guarantee of good shots. A lot of my older shots were more thought out then some of them with […]



Sorry for my post. Delete please.


Power Mill

Not to sure which looks ok in the blue area Nikon D7100 24.0 mm f/2.8 ƒ/4.0 24.0 mm 1/6400 ISO100 Light Blue Darker Blue or neither


My eye on Earth

Hi there! My name is Justin Kopecek Difficult to say what the first photo that I got hooked on is but I guess im looking into the side of photography that is more medical than leisure. My grandmother died of altheimers disease which to my understanding is the bodys inability to remember how to basically […]


Moody stuff

Two of my recent photos worth showing Hope you like them Moody guy (Click for larger version) Moody girl (Click for larger version)


Old Guy / New Camera

Retiring at age 70, I’ve decided it’s time to get back to photography here in Nashville, TN. Back in high school days, 50 years ago, I was the school yearbook photographer and used my Dad’s press camera, with pull out bellows and flashbulbs you had to insert before each photo. I combed the sidelines of […]


Hi! My name is Monica.

I love the portrait. The first photograph that was love: the cover of an album by The doors, a portrait of Jim made ​​by Joel Brodsky, after that, I discovered Corbjn Anton Herman Loenard, William Claxton, Annie Leibovitz … I think they have been my biggest influences and inspirations, now I specialize in portrait musicians.