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11 Stocking Stuffers Under $50 for Photographers

Just a few days left before it’s December 25th. Hopefully all of your online, cyber, mall shopping is done and gifts are already under your tree. If you need a few more stocking stuffer items for photographers in your family, these last minute gift ideas will go directly to their camera bag for use throughout the year.

 These gifts are available at several online stores (, B&H and company direct too). If you’re running out of shipping time, these stocking stuffers will more than likely be available in your local camera retailer too.

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30 Awesome Photography Links to Dial Up Your Inspiration Quotient

As another week passes us by Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone. This week’s list features a wide variety of topics and images, created by some of the best artists working in the field today. We truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

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15 Outstanding Examples of Photographic Minimalism

Less is more. It has become a rather trite expression, but that doesn’t make it any less true. There are times when creative works benefit by being constructed from only the bare essentials, no extraneous stuff. No distractions. Minimalism, or the use of stripped-down design elements, is about, as comedian Bob Newhart once declared, “saying the most with the least.” It’s not always necessary to fill the frame in order to make an interesting photograph. To be sure, minimalism is wide open to interpretive flourishes; macro, negative space, and abstract photography can also be minimalist photography. This a highly effective artistic strategy, beautifully demonstrated in the images in this post.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Serious Camera

The rise of cameraphones has had two significant effects on photography. First it has dramatically increased the number of images that we are taking and, secondly, it has changed the way many people first get into, what we might call, proper photography. Before, most people that took a step up to an SLR or a DSLR, did so from a compact camera. These days they are much more likely to be doing it from a smartphone. Because of this, entering the word of the serious camera may seem quite daunting to the first time buyer so, with apologies to our many experienced members, today we are going to look at some useful advice on buying your first camera.

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How to Use Lightroom’s Lens Correction Controls

All lenses distort. Most have some degree of barrel distortion as well as pin cushioning. They often also have other issues such as chromatic aberration and vignetting. Modern day lenses keep these issues well controlled but can never eliminate them entirely. For this reason we have lens correction software. Until recently this software often took the form of standalone apps or plugin for Photoshop. Nowadays, however, most higher end software will have lens correction built in. Today we are going to take a look at one of the most powerful of the built-in tools, Lightroom’s Lens Corrections.

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peacock.jpg by dissmal on Light Stalking taken NikonD610 lens Nikon 25-85 zoom lens dial setting auto


Hello, I'm new :)

I first got into photography during my school years, I took up A-Level photography but our tutor left part way through the course and no substitute so I dropped out. I then got a job at Boots and ended up in their photographic department which re-kindled my hobby. I now have a half decent DSLR […]



I’m Don, a uk expat from Wrexham N. Wales, living in Thailand, it wasn’t any particular photo that got me started about five years ago, but a lot of wild bird photo’s showing so much detail in their plumage, I have since tended to focus ( forgive the pun )on birds, but wild life in […]


Stormy seascape

Rock Pools by Craig Zilko on Light Stalking 1Ds MkII, 17-40mm @ 17mm, 1/4sec, ISO100, f/11 – tripod mounted with cable release.



I am just really fond of pictures especially the good ones!


Hello, My Name Is……

Hey gang. My name is Beth and I’m new! WOOHOOO. I love the art of photography. It gives me a sense of peace. I love shooting candids. People are my favorite. I fell in love with photography back in the 70’s while watching Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. I wanted to be one of those […]


St Peter's Pigeon.

In this backlit scene I used the flash to light up the sign. Of course I got lucky with the pigeon. There are enough pigeons around but they never fly up when you want it. I waited for the moment. They kept on flying up, but never where I wanted them. When they did, there […]