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How to Discover and Embrace Your Creative Vision

Vision, as it pertains specifically to the creative process, is an incredibly abstract concept; there are dozens of different ways to define it and exponentially more ways to apply it. But what we all know for sure is that vision is one of the most — if not the most — important of all the […]


A Monster Collection of 99 Photography Tutorials, Inspiration, Reviews and Blogs

Another terrific week has just passed us by, with a lot of activity in the world of photography.  This weeks lists of links features tutorials, a review, a handful of special features and the usual list of links to terrific photography.  There is a wide range of topics covered in this weeks list, and we […]


8 Easy Ways to Become a Better Photographer

The mindful photographer should be concerned not only with acquiring skills but, more importantly, mastering those skills. Skill mastery is better perceived as a journey rather than a final destination, something that takes places over the course of a lifetime. With technological innovations persistently growing, a photographer’s skills should be expanding in due accordance. But […]


What Photographers Can Learn From The Visual Styles of These 4 Famous Movie Directors.

Movies, just like photography, vary greatly in visual style depending upon the artist behind it. Movies and photography are different fields. They vary quite a bit, since movies are motion-pictures, after all. This doesn’t mean that the visual concepts are much different, however. When movie directors draft a concept and visualize a scene, they do that in a […]


Why This Photographer Thinks You Should Watermark Your Photographs

The majority of photographers don’t like watermarking their images. Why mar the perfect balance of your picture with a distracting logo, right? Watermarks should be regarded as a necessary evil, however, and photographers and internet users alike have learned to accept it as an inevitability. In this digital age, stealing someone’s image is as simple as “right click, save as.” It […]

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After a Rain

AS I have said many times the area here changes color with time of day, type of cloud cover, time of year, etc etc. This was taken after a rain storm. It was a heavy for a bit and had the washes running which is that sort of green line of bushes and Joshua behind. […]


Neptune Park Revisited. Thoughts?

In trying to crop out the rail and save the original shot of the lighthouse, I found that sometimes it is best to just start over. However, I still wanted to use the image…so I played with it and used a color block and added a light burst, turning it into a modified night shot.


Working on Clarity and Exposure

After leveling and doing some cropping I used OnOne Perfect Suite 9.5 and its presets along with Adobe LR and lastly PS to do some editing. I got lucky in my opinion in that I didn’t have to do much in any of them before turning this into a .jpg, however, I tend to believe […]