Ten Time Saving Tips for Photo Post-Production

Up until about a decade ago photographers had it pretty easy.  Shoot, drop the film off at a local lab, then spend the next two to three days doing whatever you like; shoot more, meet with clients, lounge around your house, whatever.  You’d go pick up your developed film and prints and either build your […]

What Every Landscape Photographer Should Know About Lenses

Photography is about capturing light though lenses, but choosing the right lens for the job isn’t always cut and dry.  Lenses for landscape photographers can be particularly difficult to choose because the vast array of options available. First and foremost, there is no one-size fits all, do everything lens.  New photographers often look for the […]

Stunning Castles of Europe: 21 Great Photos

Some subjects make it very difficult to take a poor shot. European castles tend to be one of those subjects where even the lower quality photos you find are still very interesting due only to the nature of the subject. These photos of castles however, get almost everything right with great composition and solid post-production. […]

26 Uplifting Photos of Lighthouses

The location of most lighthouses allows us keen photographers a unique opportunity to practice all the skills associated with seascape or landscape photography in a setting that is likely to produce some spectacular results. These photos of lighthouses show that if you’re willing to wait for the right lighting and compose your shot well, the […]

The Top Ten Social Media Applications for Photographers

Whether you’re a pro photographer or an aspiring amateur, you cannot ignore the fact that one of the most popular places to share photos, talk about photography and learn the art is the internet. And if you’re on the internet, you’re probably going to get a lot of the best photography interaction on social media […]

How to Photograph Clouds (With 12 Beautiful Examples)

If you’re into landscape photography then you will almost certainly know that clouds can have a massive impact on the atmosphere and beauty of a shot. Whether they are whispy and light cirrus clouds or thick and smoky cumulus, a cloudy day is often the perfect time to pull out the camera. But how do […]