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What is the Perfect Travel Lens?

So before we go to far, if you are expecting the answer to the question this article poses, there isn’t one. If there was, it would be a 14-600mm f2.8 pancake lens with optical stabilisation. Of course that is physically impossible today and probably for a long time ahead. The fact is travelling is hard […]


How to Improve Your Photographs of Water Drops

From a small, transparent glossy circle to a looking glass that reflects surroundings, water drops fascinate photographers and viewers. We see them captured as stills, clear water, colored from the surroundings and reflective of what’s nearby. From macros to telephotos, standard post processing to creative editing, tiny water drops make powerful images. We’ll take a […]


How Photographers Are Being Overlooked and Undervalued

The sad truth is that majority of the clients I’ve worked with and most of the people I know (both non-photographers and people who want to be photographers) don’t actually know what a photographer really is. Yes, they are all aware that this is the person who takes the photo, but that is the extent of their understanding. That being the […]


7 Ways to Take Better Shots With Your Smartphone

Some of us love them, some of us hate them but the fact is mobile photography is here and it is here to stay. The vast majority of us carry a smartphone with us all of the time. That means we are all carrying a very useable, indeed very capable digital camera wherever we go. […]


The Struggle for Photography Perfection – Is it Worth it?

One of the foremost goals of a photographer of any skill level is to improve. That is admittedly an open-ended proclamation, as improvement can many so many different things to different people. Rather than focusing on any particular skill, however, I think it is worth considering for a moment a more generalized drive for perfection […]

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Mobile Monday Challenge – 3rd August 2015

Usual rules. Open Topic. All images submitted must be taken with, and any editing done on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Please include basic details (Device & editing info) iPhone 6+, frame added in SnapSeed CC: @tersha, @albirder


Low Key

Has anyone tried low key photography? I tried some today with my son, and the flash is just way too harsh. If you use low key technique, do you use flash or just studio lighting with no flash? I have the background ok, but even with a soft box on the flash its too harsh. […]



This was taken at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground Ga. July 4th. Critiques welcomed. As soon as I figure out how to upload it… thnx evrdy Model Canon EOS 7D Mark II Shutter Speed 1/40 s F-Number f/16 ISO ISO 400 Exposure Bias Value -1.00 eV Metering Mode Spot Focal Length 35 mm Lens Model […]