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How to Make the Mundane Look Good in Photography

We often think of photography in two ways, photographing things that are beautiful, or documenting reality, which is often the anthesis to beautiful. However it’s quite possible and indeed very rewarding to try and make mundane, everyday scenes look beautiful. Today we are going to look at some ideas for elevating the mundane to the […]

rhino evo

Review: Rhino EVO Slider And Motion Control

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped to hear Rhino was releasing a motorized slider system and asked us over at Lightstalking to test it out and share our honest opinions about our experience with it. I wasn’t sure what to all expect in the beta model they agreed to send over, as their Kickstarter shows […]


The 5 Keys to Doing Large Photography Projects

Not long ago, a few friends of mine and I started a small video production in order to try out the success of this business in our country. We needed to make two videos about fitness and bodybuilding, giving it an artistic touch. So we planned and executed the job in one day (18 hours of […]


Lighthouse Photography: Inspiring Images of The Navigators, Guardians and Greeters

Lighthouses are a beacon for their role in history. Their many stories inspired painters, writers and photographers who want to share their beauty, mystique and history. They have served as navigational aids for centuries. Lighthouses marked treacherous coastlines, provided safe entries into harbors and sent warnings out to sea. Initial lighthouses were fires built on […]


These Photography Links Will Keep You Busy for a Long Time

This weeks collection of links was carefully curated by Toad Hollow Photography to share some of the best features in the world of photography found online this week.  This weeks edition features a terrific set of tutorials, special features, great photography and an interesting blog post to check out.  We really hope you enjoy these […]

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Sweetening up the teacher

Sorry, I posted this one wrong and don’t know how to delete it. If you know how, please do so. Thanks. Click for Flickr Not to be too cynical, but I think the days depicted here are long gone.


Birds nest on the bow.

W have had a birds nest on the bow of our boat. We thought it was old–turns out it is new. I have played a bit with the image but not much. Any suggestions on how I can make this a better image? Bird Bow.jpg by David Sill on Light Stalking


Photo Organization

We all know how big raw photos are. And we also know how painful it can be to try and find a specific photo after a certain level of editing. (And the subsequent boredom of the person waiting to see the lost photo!) So my question is, how do you guys sort your photos on […]