36 Awesome Cityscape Photography Links

Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown Manhattan, and One World Trade Center, blue hour by John Cunniff

Cityscape images can create a strong reaction in many people who enjoy the art of photography, showing in a frame how the impact of humanity can have a lasting effect on the landscapes we inhabit.  Our architecture and artistic features in a city help to define who we are as a community, in many cases, […]

10 Places You Can Get Photography Freebies


Photography can get to be an expensive hobby pretty quickly. The software, the lenses, the bag you just had to have… not to mention the actual CAMERA. So why not take advantage of the free photography resources available to you? Below are a few places to make your budget happy – websites that offer absolutely […]

Don’t Miss These Inspirational Photography Links

Beach Life by Don Miller

This weeks list of links features a selection of tutorials, special features and great photography that covers a wide variety of subjects and topics.  Toad Hollow Photography has been searching in all corners of the internet, finding some of the very best images and posts that artists and writers have been creating and sharing online, […]

How Using Colour for Contrast Can Make Your Photos Pop

All the primaries in one image

Photography has always been about contrast. Black and white, tonal range, high key, low key, these are all terms that we associate with contrast in photography. There is another element to this equation that is just as important, colour. We can use colour to create scenes that are low contrast, high contrast or to isolate […]