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30 Links to Inspiring Photography Articles and Amazing Photos

It’s been another terrific week in the world of photography with many talented artists sharing photographs and articles exhibiting the finest in the field today. Toad Hollow Photography has been busy all week looking for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone, and we really hope you enjoy these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

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Underworld: 21 Captivating Images of Life on the Subway

Anyone who has ever spent much time on the subway will understand that life underground is not drastically different from life above ground; almost anything that people will do at home, they will also do on the subway. This includes — but is by no means limited to — eating, sleeping, listening to music, arguing with family members, personal grooming/getting dressed. You get the idea. If you’re into photography, you may find the subway to be a paradise of sorts where, in spite of the confined space, life happens unabated.

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Analyzing Makeovers of Top Photography Blogs for Your Web Design Inspiration

Web design has come a long way since the days of plain white pages with lists of blue links. Just think of the first website on the internet launched by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, who began the digital revolution. More than 20 years have passed since then and it’s hard to imagine a life without internet. A lot has changed on many different fronts, one of them being web design. I selected a few photography blogs and using the Wayback Machine tool, analysed them to see how web trends have changed over the years.

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8 Most Commonly Forgotten Steps In Your Photography Workflow

In the era of ADHD and burdensome multitasking, making mistakes and forgetting certain aspects of the creative workflow is common. But it’s not something that cannot be taken care of. It starts with identifying the areas that need attention, which is where this post can be of help. Today we look at some of the most commonly forgotten aspects in your workflow and how to address them.

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Photography Predictions for 2015 And a Quick Look Back at 2014

So, gazing into my crystal ball for this year, here are my predictions for 2015, based on nothing but what I read and understand from the photographic world and in no way based on any insider knowledge. Let’s start by taking a little look back at my predictions for 2014. At the beginning of the year, I suggested that apart from the D4 upgrade and a new Canon 7D MkII, there would not be much in the way of DSLR innovation. This was pretty much true, apart from the above cameras most of the new DSLRs this year were minor upgrades. The Nikon D750 was an exception to that and was quite a surprise.

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Dog Sitting

Jake is 13. Sweetest dog. I love dog sitting him.



We are about to get socked here in New England with an expected 18-30 additional inches of snow. There was a slight break before the worst begins, so I thought I would go out for a pre-blizzard shot. Our deck lights were on for some illumination. 30 second exposure.


Viva Vienna

Viva Vienna by George Silvas on Light Stalking 1/[email protected], ISO 400


playing with lights….

I’ve been messing around with coloured gels and a white tulip……


Day of the Dead

The Wedding.jpg by Chrissie Bee on Light Stalking iso 800 no flash 24 mm f/9 1/125 San Diego Old Town celebration of Day of the Dead. I took this without a flash because I wanted it to be grainy and have an eerie, creepy feel. I thought if I lightened it up, it would detract […]


Introduction: New to lightstalker

Hello all, As you can see I’m new to light stalker. First started shooting many years ago when I saw photos by Walker Evans and W. Eugene Smith. Of course I shot b&w film. Put the camera down when I started grad school. 30+ years later to kids are out of the house and I’m […]


Cloning photo

So there was a toy lawnmower I edited out of the picture. I don’t care for how it blended I used the clone stamp, and the spot heal brush to edit it out. Other than that I evened his skin tone, and brought out his eyes some, thoughts?