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Finding and Photographing the Magnificent Snowy Owl

The Magnificent Snowy Owl. Tundra’s Ghost. The Ghost Owl. These are a few of the names that are used interchangeably when referring to one of the most beautiful birds in the world. This elusive owl is on many birder and photographer’s life list. When you’re fortunate to have one photographic moment with this big beauty, […]


How a 28mm 1.8G Prime Fits Into Your Photography

This past fall, I purchased Nikon’s 28mm 1.8G at the suggestion of another photographer friend. As I have enjoyed the 85mm and 50mm 1.8G primes, the wider angle perspective would appear to complement these two primes. This lens needed to capture a clear and clean wide angle image that is a ‘what you see is […]


A Brief Review of Formatt Hitech Filters for Mirrorless

My recent move to a mirrorless system using Fuji X series cameras has been a smooth and enjoyable transition. One of the items of kit I had decided to get for the new system was a square filter system. The king of the squares is, of course Lee and they have recently introduced their new […]


A Photographer’s Guide to Bordeaux

France is undoubtably a photographer’s paradise, from majestic Paris to the stunning landscapes of Dordogne, there is barely a corner of the country that is not photogenic. One of the many photographic gems is Bordeaux in the Gironde Department in South Western France. Many may be surprised that it is not a large metropolis, its […]


Gavin Heffernan Shows You Can Shoot the Milky Way in Light Polluted L.A. (Awesome Photos and Timelapse)

Those of you who follow Light Stalking regularly will probably recall photographer Gavin Heffernan whose time-lapse work we have featured before. Well, never one to rest on his laurels, Gavin has been at it again. The below images of the milky way shot from one of the most light-polluted cities in the world – Los […]

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Reflections on ice.jpg by Bryant on Light Stalking


Some in formation about Jeu Elissen

My age is 63 and I’m a retired system administrator. I’m an amateur photographer since 1978. I that year a friend introduced me to photography and showed me how to develop 35 mm negatives and prints. There’s no particular print or photographer which got me hooked on photography. The process in the darkroom fascinated me […]



Day is dying in the West by Bugz on Light Stalking


all about me

Hello, I’ve been trying to think what FIRST photograph hooked me on photography…and I’m really not sure! But I’m very sure it began with National Geographic images, which I’ve always loved. I’m a big nature fan, it’s mostly what I take images of, although I try to diversify. Currently I have a very (underline that!) […]


African Face Mask

Tell me,I like this image but have had no positives back on it….why not? ƒ/13.0 60.0 mm 105 200 clik to flik and I am expecting total honesty!!….otherwise you will be shot at dawn!!


Lamp in window

Here are four photos that I took from my chair in Greensboro, PA. We are staying here for a week in my wife’s old family home. These were taken on two days and at different times. Any comments, critiques, or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. Lamp Window 4.jpg by David Sill on Light Stalking ISO 250, […]


Spring Thaw

I took this photo in St. John’s, NL, Canada about 2-3 weeks ago. I recently stated playing around with Photoshop’s luminosity mask. This photo may not be great for that tool and I would appreciate any feedback on this or on the photo in general Spring Thaw. by phg100 on Light Stalking