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7 Suggestions that Will Improve Your Low Light Photography

Have you ever tried to take a photo in a dimly lit situation only to have it come out as a grainy, blurry, discolored mass of pixels? And to make matters more frustrating, you’ve seen other photos taken under similar lighting conditions that turned out beautifully. So you begin to wonder if those people have […]


This is What You Need to Know About Camera Aperture

One of the most commonly cited reasons that people give for wanting to transition from a point-and-shoot camera to an interchangeable lens system (mirrorless or DSLR) is the desire for greater control over their settings, which just means more creative control. Discussions of creative control and camera settings always revolve around the famed exposure triangle: […]

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The Beauty of the Barren: 25 Captivating Landscape Photos

Deserts get a bad rap. People like sand, but most people only like the sand found on beaches. No one likes the desert. Deserts are hot and barren, so it’s understandable why they don’t usually make top ten vacation destinations. Deserts do, however, present a great deal of visual intrigue; they may be somewhat of […]


This is a Way to Protect Your Photographs From Being Lost

You’ve invested countless hours in your photography. This includes RAW files, post processing, exports to programs for sharing. Many have a backup hard drive for their computer for the just in case of ‘hard drive crash” moments. To protect and save your work, you may want to consider a strategy that doesn’t leave you sweating […]


How to Discover and Embrace Your Creative Vision

Vision, as it pertains specifically to the creative process, is an incredibly abstract concept; there are dozens of different ways to define it and exponentially more ways to apply it. But what we all know for sure is that vision is one of the most — if not the most — important of all the […]

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McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA

McWay Falls, Big Sur by sruiwale on Light Stalking Please add comments on what could be improved or done differently if you would have taken the shot. Thanks for your help. Sumeet


white and shadow

I took this photo on the White Rock pier, just before sunset, with the sun facing the gull. The problem I had with it, and with the other 3 I took before the gull left, was the extreme contrast, with the whites blown out, and the shadow on the far side of the gull noisy. […]


Ghost Church

Ghost Church by countrytime photography on Light Stalking