Use These 4 Tips To Avoid Critical Editing Mistakes

avoid editing mistakes

Our focus on today’s article is how we can avoid editing mistakes, learn from them and make use of Photoshop’s amazing tools in a professional manner. Overdoing images stand out and even if the internet is slowly becoming saturated with these examples, more reason to make your photos stand out with subtle & stylish editing.

Photography Isn’t Art. Or is it?

Photography Isn't Art. Or is it-

It’s a long well-documented debate that will continue. Is photography art? There are two sides to this and of course, it’s subjective. We think it is. Why? Because putting time and effort into creating a well-composed piece of photography requires dedication and patience, much like painting an art piece.

Have You Discovered The Power Of Auto ISO Yet?

Have You Discovered The Power Of Auto ISO Yet-

Understanding how ISO works is one thing, but do you always use it right? Auto ISO is there to ensure you’re photography is constantly improving by concentrating on other aspects like Aperture & Shutter Speed. This doesn’t mean neglecting manual ISO, but rather improving your knowledge and skill so that you’re confident to use it like a pro!