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Wes Armson’s Photographs Are A Great Example of Creativity in Photographing Kids

Photographing kids is always fun, but it can also be extremely challenging and doing it in a creative way is downright difficult. That is why we were pleasantly surprised to come across the photography of Wes Armson. Wes has some exceptionally creative ways of photographing his own kids and was kind enough to let us share some of his results here on Light Stalking. Take a bit of inspiration from his creative photographs of his children.

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30 Amazing Links to Great Photography and Cool Tutorials Every Photographer Will Love

Another wonderful week has passed us by in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching points far and wide online looking for the best links to tutorials, collections, great photography and interesting blogs. This week’s list features a wide variety of subjects, with the hope that there’s something here for everyone. Please enjoy this collection of links with the Toad’s regards.

Daisy Delight by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

The Art and Science of Bokeh: 3 Simple Ideas to Create Better Background Blur

Both bokeh and blur are terms that are used interchangeably in photography. Bokeh comes from the way the lens pulls in the points of light that are not in focus. Bokeh or blur can be good or distracting depending on the preference of the photographer and how it’s used in the image. Bokeh may create a smooth, buttery background with almost a painterly effect. Or, it can be busy, with multiple shapes and colors. Experience and practice enhances the effective and intentional use of bokeh.

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5 Little Known Lightroom Tools That Will Make Your Photos Better

Chances are you’re using Lightroom and getting along with it just fine. But, as is the case with nearly any application, there is always some “hidden” or overlooked feature that would certainly be beneficial if only you knew it existed or knew how to use it. So whether you’re a recent Lightroom convert or adoptee just getting acclimated to a new workspace, or a longtime Lightroom user who has simply been content to use the same few tools each time you work, I will show you 5 Lightroom tools that you may want to put to use on a regular basis.

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Stuck for Ideas? Try These 7 Creative Ideas for a Photography Project

An idea is a powerful thing. Every creative process starts with an idea. But as a creative bunch, we all have been through times when we couldn’t get to an idea even when our life depended on it. That is why you are probably reading this article – since you decided to find ideas with the help of your favorite buddy: the internet. Whether it is a full scale project, or a small series of images, these ideas might help you out.

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Bird in Flight

<br>contest121_edited-1.jpg by Bob on Light Stalking


The odd couple

These guys were sitting in a park in Durango, MX that was mostly conservatively dressed cowboys nd their ladies so they really stood out! The colors were just too good to be true. I love the shoes and crutch! I had my wife stand between me and them as a distraction and shot around her. […]



Canon Digital Rebel XSi FL 73mm ISO 100 f/11 1/100 sec This was taken as a part of a Lighting class in the instructor’s back yard. I believe he supplies the vast majority of Lotus pictures sold commercially in the world. <br>Lotus by Albirder on Light Stalking



Hi Everyone, I’m Suman from India. A good & smart composed image to me is something worth to look at and spend time with. It even becomes aspiration for many of like us, who wants to click some good image. Getting a good image is not easy always, even sometimes It just as easy like […]


An outdoor portrait.

<br>Georgia-1387-2.jpg by cherylrob on Light Stalking


Hi Lightstalkers, I am Alex

the first photograph might have been ‘woman in a corset’ by Horst P Horst. I certainly love it and look it up just to see it on a regular basis. I feel like i’ve been surrounded by amazing images my whole life. It’s portraits that really do it for me though, even dog portraits! i’m […]


My other passion

I love photography; however, it takes me an arm and a leg to be afford a decent DSLR camera. Recently, on my birthday, my husband gave me a surprised present since he knew that was what I really want for my hobby. I read many websites and on-line books tutoring for the begginer, learning basis […]