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31 Fascinating Photography Links for Quick Inspiration

As another exciting week passes us by, Toad Hollow Photography has been seeking to find the best photography and articles to share here with everyone. This week’s list features a great hand-curated selection of tutorials, special features and great photography, all from some of the best artists and writers working in the field today. We truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Nikon 50mm 1.8G Prime Lens: A Review of the Unlimited Photographic Opportunities it Offers

You can never forget your first lens, it holds a special place in your photographic journey. For many, it may have been a point and shoot camera while for others, it may be have been the kit lens that came with your first camera. Starting as a bird and wildlife photographer, my passion for photography grew which expanded my horizons into macro, landscape and greater distance telephoto lenses. Along the way I listened with curiosity to photographers talk about how they enjoyed ‘walk around’ prime lenses. A completely different concept than toting cameras, lenses, tripod and other gear.


How to Capture Perfect Headshots: 6 Useful Tips

Headshot, at first glance might seem like a fairly simple photograph to shoot, but when you get into it, you realize that it is a whole job description. There are many professional photographers that do only headshots. They specialize in it only because it takes great amount of time to master it. However, there are few general guidelines which you can follow in order to improve your headshot and portrait photography.


6 Practical Ways to Unlock the Real Power of Colors in Your Photography

To suggest that color is of utmost importance to photographers would be a grand understatement. Discussions dealing with the fundamentals of photography typically address exposure, composition, lighting, etc., but the topic of color sometimes fails to make an appearance. This is unfortunate because, unless you are one who shoots exclusively in black and white, color can be equally as important to the success of an image as composition and exposure.


8 Street Photographers That Rock Our World

Sure, we all know about the likes of Henri Cartier Bresson, one of the most influential street photographers of all time, and while his work certainly needs to be seen and studied by modern photographers, Cartier Bresson isn’t the only street photographer who has caught our eyes. Let’s take a moment and celebrate these eight street photographers who are making a name for themselves.

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Cattail Falls

Last one from the 35mm stuff EOS 1N Ilford 50 Pan F+ Cattail Falls doesn’t have a “go this way” sign on Ross Maxwell Drive (main road through the park) but it’s pretty well known in the park and easy to find. All of the rain that falls in the Basin, and that doesn’t get […]


South Rim Storm

EOS 1N Ilford 50 Pan F+ Big Bend National Park. Last summer. The South Rim is about a 6 mile hike, from the Basin, one way. There’s quite a bit of elevation gain so it takes a while to get here. It doesn’t rain much in the desert so the storm was a bonus. Thankfully […]


Panorama Feedback Please

Looking for feedback on this panorama! Show with a 18-55mm kit lens at f/8 aperture, 1/400 seconder shutter speed, ISO 200


GreenCay First time using ND filter. Experimenting with long exposures.

<br>GreenCay.jpg by pcolbert on Light Stalking


Hawk On The Prowl

There is a nest of hawks across the road form us and they love to spend their days foraging around our pond and wetlands.


The Hot Springs (other side)

Same film, camera, etc as the other Hot Springs image only this one is looking back from the river toward the old “motel suites”.


Happy Accidents Don't Happen Often Enough

<br>Span by Bob Evans on Light Stalking