3 Rules For Photographing Fit Models

Photographing Fit Models

There are rules to all types of portraiture. This article covers great tips for using light creatively to make some truly flattering photos of fit models! Understanding the type of light source to use and where to position it, makes all the difference for the desired effect you’re looking for. So let’s look at the “sculpted look”.

5 Brilliant Pieces Of Used Camera Gear That Rock!

used camera gear

Photography’s an expensive game, no news headlines there! But buying used camera gear can enable you to have high-quality equipment for way cheaper. This means that you may not have the “latest” craze of gear, but you will have some excellent-quality professional stuff in your bag which you can use for years to come.

Photography Etiquette: 6 Essential Tips To Follow

Photography Etiquette

Having an inbuilt grasp of photography etiquette is something we should all as photographers, aim to achieve. It makes everyone comfortable and left happy! You can’t say that you got that heartfelt image when you just plainly got up their nose about it? Follow these simple tips for a positive experience whilst shooting!