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Beth Moon’s Photographs of Ancient Trees Will Inspire You

In photography, you will often hear people talking about building a “meaningful” body of work. When you start to try to do that, you begin to realise how difficult it can be. That is why Beth Moon’s work really gave us pause. The San Fancisco based photographer has been on a mission for the last […]


How to Optimize Images For Social Media

Have you ever uploaded a picture on Facebook and afterwards realized that Facebook ruined it? Or maybe you uploaded the photo as a cover and it turned out just plain weird? You’re not the only one. This has happened to the best and most experienced of photographers. Social media is an important marketing tool for photographers everywhere. Using social […]

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7 Suggestions that Will Improve Your Low Light Photography

Have you ever tried to take a photo in a dimly lit situation only to have it come out as a grainy, blurry, discolored mass of pixels? And to make matters more frustrating, you’ve seen other photos taken under similar lighting conditions that turned out beautifully. So you begin to wonder if those people have […]

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This is What You Need to Know About Camera Aperture

One of the most commonly cited reasons that people give for wanting to transition from a point-and-shoot camera to an interchangeable lens system (mirrorless or DSLR) is the desire for greater control over their settings, which just means more creative control. Discussions of creative control and camera settings always revolve around the famed exposure triangle: […]

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The Beauty of the Barren: 25 Captivating Landscape Photos

Deserts get a bad rap. People like sand, but most people only like the sand found on beaches. No one likes the desert. Deserts are hot and barren, so it’s understandable why they don’t usually make top ten vacation destinations. Deserts do, however, present a great deal of visual intrigue; they may be somewhat of […]

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Challenge: Capture yourself capturing stuff

I was out with all my gear and decided, hey! I have my tripod, 2 cameras, wireless remote and a bunch of lenses.. Hmmmm, Why don’t I capture myself capturing things? Anyone else done this? SOLO, no second person, all you. It was a fun challenge. You look at everything differently because there’s 2 scenes […]



DSC_0001.jpg by diannecal on Light Stalking DSC_0002_2.jpg by diannecal on Light Stalking “Blue” photo – Shutter speed – 1/320, Aperture – f/5.6, Focal length 200mm, Flash off, ISO 100. Shot in “P” mode Other photo – Shutter speed – 1/800, Aperture – f/5.6, Focal length 200mm, Flash off, ISO 200. Shot in “Auto” mode Nikon […]


McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA

McWay Falls, Big Sur by sruiwale on Light Stalking Please add comments on what could be improved or done differently if you would have taken the shot. Thanks for your help. Sumeet