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7 Quick Tips On Photographing Kids


Photographing children can be tricky. One thing that you will learn on your first kid photo shoot is that patience is a virtue. Second thing: you will glorify the person that invented the memory card. The never ending problem with photographing kids is that they are so unpredictable and uncontrollable. But, that makes things more […]

Are Your Emotions Affecting Your Photography?


Our emotions are the crucial part of our personality. Obviously, our emotions affect everything we do, from regular daily activities to our jobs in specific fields of expertise. But how are they reflected in photography? They can’t really change the light or the subject we are photographing, can they? Think again. Photo by You have likely noticed […]

Shooting Artistic Interiors You Can Be Proud Of


In real estate photography, the goal is to portray the indoor locations in the most realistic yet welcoming way possible. For more artistic purposes, however, such as in creating striking images from an indoor location, you can use many other factors to enhance your images. Why Dynamic Range is Important When photographing indoor locations under […]

Club Photography Workflow Case Study (Part 3)


Once I finish shooting an event, my habit is to get home as soon as possible and immediately process the images. Time is of the essence here, since the musicians need around two hours to pack their stuff up, finish cashing out, etc. That gives me around three hours to finish the photos and deliver them […]

Club Photography Workflow Case Study (Part 1)


This article will be the first in a series of articles detailing the way I manage club photography. I’m aware that club photography might not be the highest-paying branch of photography, but it has its perks. Here in Southeast Europe it is quite popular as a marketing tool for the clubs, because people want to […]

Why A Backup Plan is Invaluable to Photography

Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski.

Recently, I’ve found myself improvising way too much just because things didn’t go as planned and too many unexpected variables came into play. So for the last photo shoot for which I was commissioned, I decided to create a backup plan, and a backup for the backup, in case something went wrong. You’re likely familiar with Murphy’s law: […]