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What’s New in the Latest Adobe CC Update?


All those who follow Adobe and their conferences are likely aware that they are preparing a bundle of new features that intrigue us as photographers. With the release of Lightroom 6, we got GPU processing which has sped things up for some users (others report that it slows down the process for them). I believe that GPU […]

21 Works of Photo Artistry That Will Blow Your Mind


Great photography is all well and good.  But some photographers — perhaps tired of creating the same landscapes as everyone else, the same portraits as everyone else — are now pushing their work further … and creating compositions truly fit for fine art canvas. This not only makes them more valuable to their clients and […]

3 (More) Ways To Stack Images for Photos With the Wow Factor


In a previous article, I discussed 4 ways to stack images in order to get better results. That’s not all, however. There are more things that you can do with stacking images. Using median for people-removal, getting a better resolution, and using multiple flash exposures for creating a single seamless product are some additional avenues I’d recommend. How […]

How to Photograph and Edit A Panorama

The final image

Since I don’t own a lens which is wider than 18mm (pair that with a crop sensor as I do, and you can see the problem here), the only option I have for capturing a scene is to stitch several photos together. This is somewhat like using a wide-angle lens, but more complicated. The extra work doesn’t […]

Can a Composite Really Be Called a Photograph?


We all know that not every digital image file equals a photograph. A photograph is far more than just a collection of pixels in a digital file. However, there is an issue around which there circles an endless debate about whether or not it should be classified as photography. I’m talking about composite photos. Before you form an opinion, […]