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Why do We Love Photography So Much?

We Love Photography – You love Photography It’s why we’re here reading this blog. Right? But, what is the story behind that love affair? Photography – The Early Years The origin of photography is credited to Thomas Wedgwood who developed the first working camera and the creation of permanent images in 1790. The coining of […]

How to Photograph Children Outdoors

child portrait

Children are one of people’s favourite subjects to photograph, but like any subject they present their own photographic challenges. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get the best possible results with photographing children in outdoor conditions. Why Natural Light is Best Children, like anybody, look their best when photographed outdoors in natural […]

How to Use a Reflector for Better Outdoor Portraits


What is a Reflector and Why Use One for Outdoor Portraits? Simply put, a reflector is an object that reflects light onto a subject.  In the absence of more expensive and professional equipment, portable reflectors allow any photographer to achieve a professional lighting effect in outdoor portraits. Typically, a reflector is ideal in outdoor portraits […]

37 Impressive Photos of Buddhist Monks

The bright colours that Buddhist monks wear often mean you can get a great opportunity for a portrait if you’re in the right place at the right time. These photographers were and by having a great subject combined with more than a little skill, they were able to get some great photographs. Use them as […]

How to Levitate in Your Photos!

Who says people can’t fly? We’ve all done it at one time or another – gazed into the sky wondering what it’d be like to soar like an eagle, watching everything get smaller and smaller below you. Or maybe you dream of what it’d be like to float like a feather on the breeze. It’s […]

7 Tips for Better Environmental Portraits

Shooting portraits can be one of the most fulfilling and frustrating jobs a photographer can take on.  Furthermore, portraits shot on location, that is to say, not in a studio with a background can be even more complicated based on what the client wants to portray. Photo By Fadzly @ Shutterhack Since shooting portraits on […]