This Week The Light Stalking Community Was Dancing To The 500 Rule With Cats…Here’s What You’ve Missed


A very big welcome to 90 new members and a big hello to all our existing members as well! Here is what has been happening around Light Stalking this week.

Photo Of The Week – October 1st, 2018

Photo by Obsidian Urbex Photography

Urbex is an amazing genre of photography. Images of abandoned areas and urban decay not only evoke the ephemeral nature of human existence, but they also recall the beauty and mystery of ancient cities. Congratulations to Obsidian Urbex on Photo of the Week

Here is what Kent DuFault had to say about the photo of the week:

I love photographs that make you stop and think. Photos that inspire you to study every corner of the frame with a vengeance are indeed a powerful statement. This photograph by Obsidian Urbex Photography is one of those photographs. In fact, virtually all of this photographer's images cause you to pause and search for details. This one in particular really struck me. The central positioning of the piano, along with the stage and drapery areas acting as a frame, really draws the eyes toward the ‘meat' of the image. You then look for details around the room, and you can't help but wonder, “What happened here?” 

Some Of The Amazing Subjects Our Community Has Been Photographing This Week

The Weekend Photography Challenge this week was Music And Dance. Here are a few of Federico Alegria's favorites:

House concert with Matt Bednarsky, Orlando, FL by Pamela Winter

Photo by Pamela Winter

What Federico had to say: “This is one of those pictures that truly capture the passion the musician has for their craft – the black and white highlights the situation. A great shot by Pamela”

Grandad's Mandolin by LeanneC

Photo by Leanne C

The light Leanne has captured is beautiful – it highlights the classic nature of the mandolin and gives the instrument a timeless quality. Leanne shared a very special story about this mandolin being a family heirloom, this is a photograph that Leanne's family can treasure as well.

Duet by Bobbie

Photo by Bobbie

Great storytelling by Bobbie here in the image. This joyous composition gives me the impression that this duo has lovingly stood in this position many times before and will continue to make beautiful music together in the future.  Duet, what a great title for this simple yet highly narrative photograph.

Shakuhachi by Adrian Freedman

Photo by Adrian Freedman

What an intriguing image and at first I didn't know what this was because it is a very abstract image, but I really liked it – as Adrian Freedman noted in his post about is shakuhachi – “Each and every shakuhachi flute is an individual piece of wood, carved for music ritual, ceremony, and dance. In this photo, you're able to look into the mouthpiece, where the breathing ritual and instrument playing begins.” – I was so intrigued by this instrument that I looked for some shakuhachi music, and it is lovely!

Frontman by Jasenka

Photo by Jasenka

One from our very own Jasenka. Brilliant lighting and a fantastic, evocative action shot – this image totally embraces that topic of music and dance. I don't know what this gig was, but I can definitely feel the vibes! 

Don't forget the latest challenge is up and running – this week's theme is TIME

Of course, the Weekend Photography Challenge isn't the only weekly challenge that helps you get your creative juices flowing. Every week the Mobile Monday Challenge sees members posting their mobile phone photos – here are a few great captures from MMC 24/9:

Fishing at Sunset, Meadowlark Lake by Robert Apple

Photo by Robert Apple

A spectacular shot by Robert – the peace of fishing on the lake and the brilliant reflection of the sunset combine for a great image.

Awkward Moments From Everyday Life by Kent DuFault

Photo by Kent DuFault

Kent's fantastic surrealist capture received a Flickr “in Explore” award!

Hugo by David Chesterfield

Photo by David Chesterfield

And continuing with the cat theme – David's cat Hugo turned one! Happy Birthday Hugo

What You Missed in the Light Stalking Community

The discussion continued on the 500 rule this week. Robert Apple shares with us even more information about the rule, which is an extremely powerful tool for star trail photography. This topic has been going on since a couple of weeks now, but I think it could be a pretty valuable asset for anyone interested in the topic.

Here are some Light Stalking posts that are related to this rule:

We love reading here at Light Stalking, so Federico raised a question the other day about the most meaningful photography books that we've ever read. Here a lot of our members have shared with us their reading recommendations, and it has been pretty impressive to see how many of us are avid photography readers.

Graham asked a very interesting question about focus stacking, a technique that is popular among our members. A lot of good information has been posted in this thread, so if you want to know more about focus stacking, you should definitely check it out.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Help these photographers become even better and more passionate about their craft by giving feedback, comments, and critique.

Critique is the best way to get better at photography, so don't forget to post your photos over at the Tank for some well-thought-out feedback or provide some feedback yourself. 

Please feel free to join to our active photography community if you haven't done so already, and if you are a member, keep sharing your passion for photography and your questions with us, we are all here to learn and become better photographers!

By the way, we love squirrels!

Just Chillin' by Tersha

Photo by Tersha

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