Here’s Our Year End Wrap Up From The Light Stalking Forums


This has been a fantastic year for all of us here at Light Stalking. We've met some really talented photographers, and we've shared a lot of laughs, beautiful images, and learning together. Thank you so much for making Light Stalking what it is today.

As we head into our 10th year of existence, we want to wish you a happy and joyous 2019.

We took a little break over the Christmas/New Year Period so here is a bumper crop of things that have happened in the forums while you may have been away.

Photo Of The Week For The Last Week Of The Year

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This photo by David C grabbed our attention – here is what Federico had to say about it.

Congratulations to David C who made our eyes pretty happy this week.

At first, the image catches the viewing attention thanks to its symmetric appeal, and after a conscientious reading, you notice that the image isn't symmetric after all.

What I find extremely pleasant besides the composition, the extremely accurate use of lines and the wide focal length, is the post-production decisions here. From the water to the metallic structures, every tone looks rich and vibrant, enhancing the several details below this magnificent pier. Even the water looks really nice and bold. The slight use of a vignette gives this image a great mood.

We think that this shot was made with a long exposure setting, but not too long. This is achieved when the lighting conditions aren't too bright, like at dawn or dusk, or when the sky is heavily overcast.

We hope that keeps shooting more and more images like this, and we hope to watch them as well.

A very big thank you to David for submitting his wonderful photo.

A Raft Of Beautiful Images From The Community

We closed out 2018 with a weekly challenge on Old and New, which seems very appropriate, the previous week also had a great challenge on vanishing point…and of course, there was Christmas.

So here are some beautiful images from our forum members for your enjoyment. A very big thank you and congratulations to everyone for their wonderful images. 

Photo by David Chesterfield

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Photo by Click

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Xi'anIntegrated Pepsi(Ron Shattil)

Photo by Kent DuFault

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New…by Leanne C

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What You May Have Missed From The Community

Bruce spent Xmas eve with some really nice company, here he shared with us some of the pictures of his friends that day. They are quite good looking by the way.

Tobie challenged Bruce, and he responded to him with some beautiful and warm photographs of some ducks near a pond – so serene!

Kent shared with us something really interesting (even scary or sad I still can't figure out how to feel about it) about the future of photography. The post talks about something called “computational camera” and you should take a look at it.

Robert Apple asked about the first rule of street photography, and Graham responded with a favourite documentary film of mine, Everybody Street by Cheryl Dunn, it lasts like an hour and a half, and if you are into street photography, you should take a look at it.

Beth shared three images of some old cars against nature, and wow, they are all amazing, I'm quite in love with the third one since I'm a huge fan of the rule of thirds. Really, it is extremely beautiful!!!

At the end of the year, John shared the last flowers of the season. All of the blossoms are gone by now he says at the post, and we are glad he captured them for us. He also said after that he shot the flowers with a Sigma 50mm in case you are wondering about it.

Oh boy, you need to check out the shot Tobie shared with us of some hungry Pale Chanting Goshawks. He really captured these amazing creatures in action – really breathtaking!

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Hmmm, John is having some issues for commenting and “faving” certain content from Flickr. Perhaps some of you folks could help him out?

Ryan needs some help deciding whether he should invest in a Laptop or an iPad. I say Laptop, but what do you folks have to say?

Oh, and last but not least, Santa did visited Chris.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

It is always a great time for becoming better in photography. Our secret trick is The Shark Tank, a place where you can share your images in order to get valuable feedback, and you can help others too. Here are some photographs looking for comment in the tank:

You are more than invited to share with them your thoughts. And also, if you feel adventurous enough, you can also share some of your shots with us at the Tank.

We are sure that you'll get a lot of valuable feedback on your work. Remember to focus on the photos, not the photographers.

We Leave You Today With…

The extraordinarily talented Tobie shared with us a beautiful photograph of a Knysna Turaco here, and honestly, it looks like a Pokemon…it is extremely beautiful.

Thanks again to everyone in our online photograph family and we can't wait to see the wonderful and exciting photographs that 2019 holds.

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Awesome! I too wanted to say that I love reading these interesting posts from you Federico. I love how you present them as well! 🙂

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