Making A Splash, Photo Of The Week, And Molly Bee – Here’s An Update From The Community


This has been a great week indeed, we've had a lot of great content on our website and huge participation on the forums. I even have noticed more talent growing at the Tank, so that makes us really happy.

The reason why we love what we do is that we find a great deal of satisfaction when sharing things about photography. This past week we got 315 new members! Remember folks, make sure you all introduce yourselves before joining us at the General Chit Chat.

This week we had an awesome challenge with the theme of Big and Small. Today, among other things, we are bringing you our favourites from that particular Challenge!

Photo Of The Week – January 21, 2019

Photo by Dalene Rowley

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This week's photo of the week is an amazing photo – taken on a mobile phone! Here is what Kent had to say about it

This week the POTW has two very interesting details.

#1 – I'm giving to a new photographer that has never won it before (at least to my knowledge).

#2 – It is a mobile camera phone photograph that was uploaded to the Mobile Monday Challenge.

Yes, mobile phone pictures can be top notch! This shot by Dalene Rowley @dalener is a calendar worthy winter landscape photograph.

The composition is textbook, and her attention to detail, that includes the wonderful reflection, is quite exquisite.

Having shot this type of work myself, I'm impressed with the exposure and processing, as this is a very difficult subject to capture in those respects.

Congratulations to Dalene on her win this week!

A big congratulations to Dalene and definitely keep those awesome images coming.

The 417th Challenge

These are favourite images from our 417th Challenge – big and small. Here's what Federico had to say about these wonderful photographs!!!

Photo by Click

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There is no need for context in order to understand that this statue represents a really important cause. In this particular case, dignity. Scale is one of those features from photography that helps when creating a narrative or a story. If there weren't people in this scene, we would have a hard time telling the size of this statue.

Photo by Dave Watkins

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Size is relative, and what seems to be small to us is big for somebody else. Here we have a beautiful Hoverfly having a great time on the top of a bright Calendula flower.

Photo by Ann Horsby

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At first, it seems that this image is not much about big and small, but when you stop to analyze the scene, everything makes sense. These three men captured in a row are defying the laws of physics and are carrying some big payloads compared to the size of their vehicles. Human beings are a very curious and smart species.

Photo by Robert Apple

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What a magnificent jewel from Mother Nature, thanks Robert for sharing this beautiful shot. You actually had to back away a lot in order to cover the whole tree (your daughter is almost unnoticed). Just for context purposes, this is the popularly known Giant Sequoia, General Sherman.

Some Interesting Discussions You May Have Missed!

Holly is been using a Macro Filter and she is asking for some valuable tips, so if you got any, please share them with her at this specific thread.

🙁 Graham shared with us a seriously sad story about some koalas getting heat-stressed thanks to of course… GLOBAL WARMING. We are ruining our planet and this is objective evidence about it. Cameras are powerful tools that portray reality, please use them wisely. Thanks, Graham.

Rob Eyers shared with us a pretty interesting Photo. I even tried to encourage him to develop an essay about how people are getting so fixed with their phones. From a sociological standpoint, I really find this to be a very interesting way of showing how people behave nowadays. I would like to see more from this social criticism you are making.

Here we have a lovely bird collection from shots made by Graham last week. Thanks a lot for sharing them with us Mate.

Thanks to Robert for your collection of tree bark photos. Really great textures here. 

Oh boy… Beth got a GFX50R!!! Please, share your experiences with us as soon as you compile enough experience to talk about it!

And last but not least, a doggo with its hooooman :3.

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Improving as a photographer is not that easy, especially after the years have passed by. One of the best possible ways to improve is via receiving and giving critique. By giving you'll develop a more analytic mindset that will embed in your own photos, and by receiving, well, you get a pretty objective take on your work so you can improve from there.

We are talking of course about constructive criticism focused on the photographs and not the photographers. We are totally against the negative and poisonous comments; for us, feedback is meant to help people become better photographers.

We have a special place designed absolutely for this purpose, and it is called The Shark Tank. Don't worry about the name, we were just teasing around. Here you can share your images and also you can share your opinions. Here are some of the most interesting shot shared during last week on the Tank:

Feel free to share your thoughts on any or all of the images above, and also post some of your photographs if you want to improve at a faster pace.

Making A Splash

Kent always has difficulty choosing our photo of the week, because frankly, the competition is just so high. One of our regular contributors is the amazing photographer David Chesterfield. David is a photographer based out of Brisbane Australia, and, well, he loves light!

Find more about how David gets his wonderful images from his articles here on Light Stalking, and spend some time checking out his Instagram!

Here was Kent's runner up this week and what he had to say about David's photo:

Now… I must reach out to David Chesterfield.

David uploaded some amazing shots of his light painting technique that adds an additional element: splashing water. This is a phenomenal idea, and his results are quite stunning.

Why didn't he win the POTW?

First of all, his lighting painting shots are so amazing, that he would win every time he uploaded one, and we must give others a chance!

Secondly, I believe this was his first attempt at this technique… or at least his first time to upload some examples here. I have a feeling that even BETTER photos of this cool technique will be forthcoming! I'll be waiting with bated breath. 

We can't wait either…


Molly Bee – Robert Apple

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Congratulations to Robert on the newest member of his family – the super cute, Molly Bee!

Please remember to join our friendly photography community if you haven't done already, and also you are more than welcomed to participate in the latest challenge about Abstract Photos.

And as always, If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Happy image making!

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