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Another 300 members have joined our community in the last 7 days – isn't that a hat trick!

We've been working hard in order to give you the best photography related content. Our goal is to make photography accessible and user-friendly; we love sharing useful facts and news about our great passion.

So here, we'll cover the highlights from the last week, which means the most engaging images and conversations that you shouldn't miss!

We'll discuss the most interesting photos submitted to the Foreground Interest weekend challenge as well as many challenging images posted in the Shark Tank forum.

Photo Of The Week – February 04, 2019

Photo by Ebby

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As always, our awesome judge was on it – here is what Kent had to say about this beautiful image:

This week the POTW goes to Ebby for the unusual photograph titled, “Enchantress”.

“Something that often happens to me, as I'm thinking about the POTW, is how unusual a photograph is or is not. At times, I find myself thinking, “That's a really good shot. That's really well done. But… it's not new. I've seen it before.”

That definitely has an influence on my thinking. Ebby's image clearly took some thought, time, and technical effort to create. It's not the first time that I've seen organic material used to mimic a human body in photography. One that immediately comes to mind is Edward Weston's black and white series where he photographed peppers in a manner that they mimicked a nude human body.

However, I felt that this shot deserves recognition. It's clever, and extremely well done!

So, congratulations to Ebby!”

Definitely a very big thank you to Ebby for this amazing image and congratulations on being this week's photo of the week.

Photography Challenges

These are our favorite shots from the 419th challenge– this week's challenge was Foreground Interest…and as always, a big thank you to Tersha for setting such an interesting and challenging subject!

Here's what Federico had to say about these amazing photographs.

Photo by Click

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This unusual stone stands out not only because of its golden color, but also because of the great composition of this extraordinary image!

Photo by Graham Hart

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Composing with the foreground in mind is always a great way to enhance the perspective and depth of field.

Photo by Ryan Nicol

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This image looks stunning because of its harmonious, soothing colors and ”frame-within-a-frame” composition formed by the rocks that surround the lighthouse. 

Photo by LeanneC

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Here we have a simple yet vibrant example of the creative use of texture, repetition and foreground interest.

Here Are Some Discussions From Across The Forums That You May Have Missed

If you want to know how to make money on Facebook maybe you should take a look at this funny post that Robert shared with us. It was a joke and it made me smile because I've been getting some odd missed calls from overseas and this looked somehow familiar. Robert felt very inspired this week and he also shared with us an image of the worlds most photographed barn – The T A Moulton Barn – it is a great capture because it is seeing something that is photographed many times in a different, almost abstract, way.   

Another interesting topic we covered this week was color calibration. Properly calibrated monitors or screens are very important in the world of photography and graphic design. Chris DeYoung shared with us his personal opinion on the latest Spyder5 Express. You may find this thread really informative!

There weren't many new threads in the forums last week, but you can find many beautiful images instead, just like this shot of a dog and his owner! Thanks, Dave.

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We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

One of the hardest things in photography is the very act of learning. We've realized that constructive criticism (after practising!) is the best way to become a better photographer. By giving criticism we can build a more informed attitude (which then translates to the shots we take), and by receiving criticism we can spot the flaws we weren't able to notice by ourselves.

We have a separate forum dedicated exclusively to constructive criticism and it's called the Shark Tank. Don't worry about the name – it's not a deadly place! Here you can share your images and your opinions as long as they aren't related to gear.

Here are some of the most interesting shots shared in the Shark Tank last week:

Feel free to share your comments and opinions on the images above and also submit your own photographs if you want to improve your shooting and editing skills at a faster pace.

Us from the Light Stalking team and many other members will be more than happy to help you out; after all, we all enjoy photography and want to share our expertise.

Today We Will Leave You With…A Super Cute Frog!

Don't forget the Mobile Monday Challenge – every week the talented David Chesterfield asks to see what you were snapping with your phones over the weekend

This week Tersha gave us a treat with this super cute frog!

Don't forget to join our friendly photo community if you haven't done it already and let's break the rule of thirds in the newest challenge Tersha has made for us!

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Happy shooting!

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