Photo Of The Week That Was Almost Too Difficult To Pick, Love Is In the Air And Tubby – Here’s The Weekly Wrap From The Community


Every weekly wrap up gives us a lot of satisfaction as we can see our photography community getting stronger every time. This week we welcome over 250 new Light Stalkers, and we are sure they'll find some really valuable information to improve their photography skills.

Today we are bringing you the best things from Light Stalking that you shouldn't miss from last week! Here you'll find a lovely selection of photos, and also some of the most interesting photography discussions in our forum.

Last but not least, we are also sharing a diverse selection of images from the Shark Tank that deserve some special attention!

Photo Of The Week – February 18, 2019

Abandoned Amphitheater – Photo by Jasenka Grujin

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This week was incredibly difficult for Kent to pick a Photo of The Week and we can see why. We've included his 4 (yes 4!!!) runners-up because they are all so deserving and show just how talented our photography community is.

Congratulations to everyone and here's what Kent had to say about Jasenka's amazing photograph and the other wonderful images he's highlighted.

WOW! This HAS been the MOST difficult week ever- to select the POTW. I seriously just couldn't decide. Finally, I said- just go with the photograph that moves you the most, and I selected Jasenka's image titled, “Abandoned Amphitheater”.

This shot really touches me deep down inside my artistic self. I can literally see the ghosts floating in the scene. Something about it is just really special. It's one of those moments where everything came together perfectly.

That being said…

My runner-up list is long this week because I really feel that these images deserve recognition of some kind. There were even more… but I didn't want the list to get embarrassingly long!

Before I go on, congratulations Jasenka on a really really exquisite shot!

I do highly suggest that you check out the “Weekend Photography Challenge #420 Doors, Gates and Fences” post, as it is filled to the brim with amazing photography!

Weekend Photography Challenge #421

Our weekend photography challenges produce a plethora of awesome photography – yep and that is every single week! Here are some of the images from our 421st Challenge – Love is in the air!!! And here is what Federico had to say about them

Photo by Ed


There is such a beautiful visual narrative in this photograph, the story is extremely obvious, and the composition enhances it even further.

Photo by Chris Pook

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What a fantastic and natural demonstration of the theme love here. The light is also beautiful and the gesture of the horse makes it a really pleasant image to read.

Photo by Leanne C

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What an amazing shot. There is a special yet odd way in how siblings love each other, sometimes they are harsh, and sometimes they are caring – but there is always love

Thanks to everyone who posted and as always a heartfelt thank you to Tersha for again coming up with a wonderful challenge!

Discussions From The Forum

John shared with us a spiky photograph this week. These plants are extremely sharp, but they are pretty photogenic. I actually once fell into one of those things… and oh boy. What I really like about the image that you can see in the post is that it has a quite interesting composition thanks to the never-failing rule of thirds.

Graham has been sharing some really nice shots of jetties and piers, and this week he shared this one depicting a beautiful doggo, although he chopped off the poor thing's paws :(.

After getting intrigued by Rob Eyer‘s suggestion on sharing EXIF information on the Shark Tank, I decided to run a short social experiment, and this are the results: Light Stalkers want EXIF information on the tank. So you know it, every time you share something on the Shark Tank, think about sharing the EXIF information with us as well. This will help new photographers understand manual exposure way better.

Diane shared with us her latest blog post on street photography, and it is all about critique! Take a look at her site since she has been sharing some really nice photos there too. Congratulations on the blog Diane!

Sarthak Choudhary had a very interesting question about post-processing software for Linux based Operating Systems. A lot of opinions burst there, so if you are interested in knowing more about photography and Linux, then you definitely need to check this post out!

What about some irony? Well, that is never a bad thing to have. Look at this shot John shared with us this week, pretty funny indeed.

Oh, and Preston discovered that JCPenney has been manufacturing (or at least branding) tires!

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts

There is a very high chance that if you are reading our blog, is because you want to become a better photographer. Although that is a very hard task, it is not impossible to achieve. For us, constructive criticism is one of the best possible ways for actually becoming a better photographer.

Critique goes on both ways, we can become better by receiving well-intended feedback. And we can also give thoughtful comments to others photographs as well. This happens only after after deep and analytical reading of a photograph of course.

That's why we created a specific place beside our main forum which is exclusively intended to work around that idea, and it is called The Shark Tank. But please, don't let the name scare you, nobody will bite you there. Here are some of the most interesting shot shared during last week on the Tank:

Please share your comments, opinions, and doubts on any or all of the images above. We also invite you to share with us some of your own images if you want to become a better photographer at a faster pace. Critique is given about the photographs and not photographers, so don't be afraid of sharing.

We and many other members will be more than pleased to help you out; after all, we all are in love with photography. And please remember to join to our friendly photography community.

Today We Leave You With – Tubby!!

We are always up for cat-love here on Light Stalking and here, from the talented David Chesterfield by way of the Mobile Monday Challenge is Tubby

Tubby – Photo by David Chesterfield

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