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Camera bags, it seems you can never have too many of them! They come in so many sizes, colors, and they all have a different purpose and gamut of functionality.

It doesn't matter what their nature is, they all have their own charm from big chunky camera bags that you can fit your entire life in, to small slingshot style bags that hold your camera and prime lens.

Here we've pulled together some of our most popular links on Light Stalking about the trials and tribulations of camera bags. 

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Camera Bags: How to Choose The Bag That’s Right For You

Let's start with the most basic tips about Camera Bags, that is developing a clear idea about how to choose the right one for you. Just like pretty much anything in the photography world, there are way too many options out there.

Camera Bags aren't an exception, and in this post, you'll find a very useful guide by our friend Jason Row in which he explains how to choose a camera bag that will meet your needs. 

How to Pack Your Camera Bag for an Overseas Photo Trip

So, packing a camera bag has its own nuances. In this article, you'll find some pretty awesome information. Several of these tricks and practices are things that nobody on earth would ever share with you about how to pack your stuff inside a camera bag.

If Only My Life Were as Organized as my Camera Bag!

Here in this article, Sheen Watkins reflects a bit on the act of having things organized in a bag. It is quite interesting to understand her vision on the importance of being organized.

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Ten Things That Should Always Be In Your Camera Bag: Packing Like a Pro

Besides your camera and lenses, there are some pieces of equipment that your camera bag should have inside. Before reading this the only thing that I was always carrying was a plastic bag for stormy situations, but after reading this article, I'm redesigning my whole bag structure.

Fact: Spending $200 On A Camera Bag Will Actually SAVE You Money!

Photography is an expensive discipline, and you'll rarely find generous discounts on Black Friday for any kit that's photography related. Investing good money on tripods and camera bags is a pretty clever move.

Arguably, it is even wiser than spending up big on camera bodies, since cameras are upgraded on a regular basis. Here you'll understand why Jason says that investing top-dollar on a camera bag will actually save you money in the long run. 

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Eight Things a Nature Photographer Can Use in the Camera Bag…Short & Long Term

This post is pure gold, seriously, here Sheen Watkins talks about 8 important items that every nature photographer NEEDS to have in their bag. Really there are some things in this list that nobody ever tells anyone, and they could even save you some skin and fingers!

Six (Very) Annoying Things About Camera Bags

Jason is our resident travel photography expert, and here he shares with us the love/hate relationship we can have with camera bags. It is interesting to see what someone who has traveled almost the entire world has to say about camera bags.

Nine Essential Items For Your Camera Bag…Other Than Your Camera

Everybody has their own way of arranging the perfect camera bag, here Jason (who really is our resident camera bag aficionado) shares his own vision about the important items photographers should carry in their camera bags.

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Redefining The Camera Bag!

And out of interest…here are a couple of links that show us how some entrepreneurs are giving camera-carrying a different twist.

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Become One With Your Camera Bag Wearing This New Jacket

The first time I saw this I found it hilarious, yet pretty useful. As a documentary photographer, this would work perfectly for daily walkarounds.

The Inrigo Waterproof Backpack – A Dry Bag and Camera Bag All-in-One

This one is pretty crazy, it even has a drone holder. This “bag” was obviously designed by somebody that knows a lot about being outdoors.

We all have our own ways of arranging our kit. But what we really want is a bag that's light, waterproof, holds two cameras, all our lenses that we might happen to need at any given moment, fits all the cables, clips, SD cards, and paraphernalia in an easily accessible place and a convenient way to carry our tripod…maybe also a spot for the drone! Of course, this all needs to then be able to be easily stowed in the overhead compartment on the plane!!

We don't want much…really.

Please share with us your camera bag set up – I'm sure everyone has tips that are helpful

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