10 Photography Links To Enhance Your Creativity


Keeping your imagination vibrant and your creativity flowing is sometimes a really difficult task. Just like any other creative discipline, in photography, creative blocks are likely to happen. You won't be “feeling it”, you'll be tired of “photographing the same thing”, you be lacking “inspiration”.

So when that happens, sometimes it is great to try to think about your photography in a different way and reading about different photographers, looking at beautiful images or learning a new technique are all great ways to get you enthused again.

Here are 10 photography links that will enhance your creativity and get your imagination firing.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


Wait, another social network? Well, yeah, but Ello has a different approach, since its birth it has been aimed at the “creators network”, so even when you don't upload anything to this extremely talented pool, you can always follow some really interesting photographers doing some amazing work.

The Helsinki School

The first time I heard about the Helsinki School was when I was studying Contemporary Photography, and the great thing about it is all the amazing artists you can find there. The amount isn't vast, but they all have a very impressive portfolio and a consistent style. Understanding your style is something extremely important to every photographer and something you can develop with time.

15 Examples Of Product Photography To Spark Your Creativity

Here Jasenka Grujin shares with us some really interesting examples of how well executed product photography can trigger our creativity. The great thing about these examples is that they aren't highly complex to achieve (well, not all of them) making it a very inspiring album of product images.


Curiator is a platform designed to collect and discover art online by helping you keep track of several websites, art dealers, galleries and museums. To be honest, I haven't done a “deep dive” into the site, but last week when I was preparing a class for my students, I stumbled into it, and I was really impressed with its content repertoire. They say they are the world's biggest, collaborative art collection.


Unlike Curiator, Artsy is more like an educational platform for you to learn more about Art. It is a really nice source of legitimate content, and you should definitely check it out in case you haven't already. And they have a newsletter and podcast as well.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

4 Simple Strategies to Awaken Your Photographic Creativity

This is perhaps one of the most technical links here, in which Jason D. Little shares with us in a brief, yet useful way four simple strategies that will help you awaken your imagination and creativity.


I don't know why Issuu gets so unnoticed sometimes. Here you can find countless photography magazines, and I haven't made a selection because really, you can lose yourselves in the beautiful ocean of digital publications that are available at this place.


Lensculture is a big name in the world of photography, especially contemporary photography. Here you will find some of the greatest emerging talents of the world, and honestly, watching them is an absolute delight for creativity.

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Bored Panda | Photography

Sometimes these guys get really inspired and publish some really interesting collections of images. Check them out from time to time to keep the juices flowing.

5 Simple Photography Ideas to Put an End to Your Creative Block

In this short article, I talked about how you can overcome a creative block simply by attacking it in a different way by using techniques like Juxtaposition and Tributes.

So What Do You Do Next?

Getting inspired to go out and create really is extremely fulfilling and the best way to ensure that your imagination and creativity are firing is to shoot as regularly as you can. Take a look that the Action Cards from Photzy, in this pack there are over 200 photography assignments for you to work through.

Expanding your skills and learning new things is a great way to stimulate your creativity.  It doesn't matter what you shoot, just by the fact of taking pictures, you are likely to happen on something great.

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Hola Federico. Gracias por tu artículo acerca de la creatividad en fotografía, es bastante dificil ser creativo en estos tiempos en los que parece que todo está inventado pero siempre hay caminos por explorar en fotografía.
No conocía un par de tus links y estoy disfrutando leyendo y viendo fotos y algunos libros y revistas de fotografía.
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