100MP Medium Format Mirrorless Fuji Camera Coming


Fujifilm is one of those companies that inspires more rumors than most but often some of the best prove to be true.

Things are starting to get more interesting in the mirrorless camera space as reports are emerging from all over the place that Fujifilm is bringing a 100MP medium format mirrorless camera to market imminently – or at least some details about it.

Image via Fujifilm.

According to FujiRumors the new 100MP medium format mirrorless camera from Fujifilm will come on the same day as the announcement of its GFX 50R camera with the GFX 100S being mentioned at the same event. But you might want to prepare your wallet just in case you might be in the market for the new GFX 100S. Even with a head start, it's going to set you back a few dollars.

PetaPixel is reporting that the camera uses the Sony’s 44x33mm IMX461 sensor which is also found inside the industrial camera iXM 100MP from Phase One. That industrial descriptor ought to give you some indication about the price point that is to follow.

Targeted at the same market as the $USD 48k Hasselblad H6D-400c MS and the $USD 51k Phase One XF IQ4 150MP so you can expect the new Fujifilm GFX 100S to be equally expensive. Of course, no one would ever mistake such a thing for a mass consumer product but it still helps to keep perspective on just how expensive high-end optical equipment can get.

Interestingly, PetaPixel thinks that Fujifilm isn’t going to reveal any concrete specs on the camera other than to briefly outline that it is in development.

It seems like the GFX 50R will still be the star of the show when Fujifilm decides to debut the camera on September 25. And that only makes sense because that camera is entering a highly competitive segment and should be one that most of us can aspire to buy one day if we want to do that.

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I photographed with The Brick back in 1991 for several big companies transitioning from film. They spent $50k for a 4 Mp format. I had to take 3 shots filtered by R, G and B of the same subject and sandwich them together for a full res image. I’d say this camera is a deal!

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