11 Cool Links To Help You Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience. It is incredibly fulfilling to capture that perfect shot of a beautiful animal in the wild. You will need some pretty powerful gear (body and lenses), but it isn't just about the gear, great wildlife photography also requires knowledge of your surrounds and usually a fundamental understanding of the animal's behavior you are trying to capture as well.

Today we want to share with you pretty useful links on understanding and getting started in wildlife photography. These links will get you ready for your adventure in the wild.

11 Cool Links To Help You Improve Your Wildlife Photography
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11 Cool Links To Help You Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Andre Mouton at Pexels

These Zoo Photography Tips Are Worth Learning Well

Ok so this isn't a link about getting out in the wild, but it is extremely worthwhile reading Dahlia's amazing post on how to photograph animals in zoos. Sometimes, we aren't fortunate enough to be able to get out into the forests or secluded spots to capture animals in their own habitats, so heading down to your local zoo allows you to still photograph animals and capture some magical moments.

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Getting Started In Wildlife Photography

Here in this article, Dzvonko Petrovski shared with us some really useful and inspirational information about how to get started in wildlife photography. Ultimately, this piece shows that there is more to it than simply having a huge lens and a camouflage outfit. I think the most important learning here is Dzvonko's notes on “Understand Your Subjects” and “Patience and State of Mind” which are key elements for successful wildlife photography.

Why Wildlife Photography Matters In A Post-truth Era

It is really concerning that TIME Magazine published an article with such title, because as a photographer, the importance of imagery is implicit to me. Here Alexandra Genova reflects on the importance of wildlife photography in these days where an image has no physical boundaries, and information is ruled by the fake news and post-truth.

This is the Gear To Get You Started In Wildlife Photography

I'm not an advocate for people getting crazy about gear when first starting out in photography, for me, gear is just the tool for making images right from the mind and soul. But for wildlife photography, there is some specialist equipment you will need. Here our friend Dzvonko shares with us some intel about the right gear for starting in the world of wildlife photography.

Creative Blurs For Wildlife Photos

Not everything in wildlife photography has to be extremely sharp and frozen in time. There are some really cool images of wildlife photography depicting motion, but achieving it is quite tricky, and requires some mastery as well. Here Aaron Baggenstos shares with us some fundamental tricks for creative wildlife photography.

The Majestic Wildlife Photography of Marina Cano is Inspiring

I'm not a wildlife photographer, I have a very specific and clear niche of social oriented documentary photography. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy other photography genres. Since 2010, I've been in love with Marina Cano's work. Take a look, because she is one of the best wildlife photographers out there in my own opinion.

10 Tips for Improving Your Wildlife Photography

Here are some cool tips for improving your wildlife photography by wildlife photographer Markel Erasmus. From the gear you'll need, to understanding light, and some bold maneuvers for approaching animals, this article has a lot of great information for anyone interested in wildlife photography.

15 Amazing Black & White Wildlife Images That Will Leave You Spellbound

If you aren't into wildlife photography as a practice like me, you can always indulge yourselves in some great imagery. Here our friend Ritesh Saini crafted an amazing black and white wildlife photography gallery for us! My favorite is the one by William Warby of the giraffe.

Wildlife photographer of the year

Here is a strong and highly well condensed gallery curated by The Guardian showing the work of various photographers nominated to the 53rd edition of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

What is a Picture-Perfect Wildlife Photograph?

In this article Sheen Watkins discusses a bit about what is the perfect blend of things that someone has to consider in order to create high quality wildlife photographs. Photography is more than just getting a great image. It's the experience of being behind the lens, photographing nature as it happens, and being part of that moment in time that won't happen again.

Shooting Wildlife (With a Camera)

And last but not least, some awesome information from the one and only, National Geographic. NatGeo is like the summit of wildlife imagery and here Cary Wolinsky and Bob Caputo (who have a combined 64 years of experience photographing stories for National Geographic and other publications) share some really valuable thoughts on wildlife photography.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief set of links that we have curated for you, and please feel free to share with us some of your images at the Shark Tank or at the forums.

We have a lot of amazingly talented wildlife photographers that will be happy to share with you some of their experiences in order to you become a better wildlife photographer.

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