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13 Signs You Were Raised by Photographers

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Being brought up in a household full of photographers had its own special challenges for children. If you were one of the kids lucky enough to be exposed to photography from a young age, then you will probably know a lot of these.
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Your Family Bathroom Doubled as a Darkroom – Taping black plastic over all of the windows in the bathroom was the only way to get a room that was really dark. And it needed water, so the bathroom was it! It's how we all learnt to develop film.
You Got Screamed at a LOT for Opening the Door of that Bathroom / Darkroom – Of course, as a kid, you didn't have a huge attention n span so barging into rooms (and exposing all that film) was a fairly common occurrence.
You Shudder at the Thought of a Slide Night – Your parents probably hosted and dragged you to a few of these. Pretty damn dry for an 8 year old.
You Spent Weekends With the Camera Club – If you were lucky, the camera club your folks belonged to went to cool places. Often not though!
The Spare Room is Full of Boxes of Mounted Slides – No hard drives back then. You had to store the slide film in physical form which meant boxes!
You Know What This Is

You Owned a Canon AE-1 or Three – One of the best cameras ever made and an introduction to SLRs for many of us.
You Knew What These Were (When You Were 10)

You Spent Hours Winding Bulk Film Onto Canisters for Your Parents – Film was expensive so buying in bulk was the order of the day. Of course, that meant you had to sit there, pull apart old film canisters and wind new film into them.
You Bought 400 ISO Film in Bulk – 400 seemed to be the popular one. (Presumably for versatility, but I don't really know why! Any ideas in the comments?)
You Never Threw Out a Film Canister – Having that bulk film meant you had to have canisters to wind it onto to. You could reuse them again and again and again!
You Were Yelled at as a Child for Cleaning a Lens With Your T-Shirt – We all made this mistake. Once. When you had parents who love their (very expensive) gear you learned quickly to respect it too.
Each Day of Your Family Holidays Began at 4 AM – Getting up and prepared for the golden hour was a chore when you're so young. Though the parents seemed to like it!
Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list. It was a wonderful experience to be exposed to the wonders of photography at such a young age, so share your memories in the comments!

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