17 Awesome Action Shots

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Capturing the moment is a tricky thing to do.  The right place, right time and right gear can only get you so far, sometimes pure luck is also needed.  With these 17 action shots you'll see a combination of all and in the end, some really nice captures. Don't forget to check out our tutorial on panning to see how a lot of these photos were taken.

Snowboarding in Maldives

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Photo by nattu

Snowboard Gap Jump

Photo by VancityAllie

On  board

Photo by Éole

flatland 4

Photo by moophisto

Dustin Ray  "D-Ray" - surfing-cayucos-ca-pier-1-2-07_054 AZHIAZIAM

Photo by mikebaird

Rainy Race

Photo by wvs

Intensity of Action *

Photo by ms4jah

Mud Orgy  4

Photo by Dirk Gently

Alex Hofmann Wheelie

Photo by Two Big Paws

Break Dancing en Costa Rica

Photo by Néstor Baltodano

~ swoosh ~

Photo by ViaMoi

Riot Police assault on the Opera House

Photo by looking4poetry

The race is on.

Photo by m4r00n3d


Photo by Jeff Kubina

Z o o i i i - i !

Photo by Pörrö

Maria Sharapova and her shadow

Photo by sub_lime79

Ken Block SnoDrift

Photo by dez&john3313

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