19 Beautifully Backlit Portraits


Portrait work is often about lighting the subject, but one of the more intriguing ways to light a subject is from behind.  Utilizing hair lights or even the sun at sunrise or closer to sunset can create wonderfully illuminated and memorable portraits.  Enjoy these 19 beautifully backlit portraits and share your backlit portraits in the comments!


Photo by Paul Stevenson

As the lights switch on

Photo by Andross

Photo by Abir Hasan

Photo by Corie Howell


by Andross

your portrait

Photo by Victor Bezrukov

Photo by Jesse Kruger

The flowergirl at the reception

Photo by Spamily

Photo by Spencer Gurley

burned by sun

Photo by Victor Bezrukov


Photo by lanuiop


Photo by Paul Stevenson

Photo by Phillip Hutton


Photo by NicksNotToShabby


Photo by Fufurasu

Photo by Helena Lopes

with the pearl earring

PHoto by lanuiop

Flying with the wind

Photo by naezmi

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