20 Pictures Of Autumn Leaves That Will Leave You Breathless & Inspire You to Shoot

As the weather cools, it is the time to get out and about and enjoy the beautiful colors of Autumn. Rug up and wander the paths, forests, or even just around town to capture this last colorful hurrah of the year. Hopefully, these wonderful images of a mundane subject like leaves will inspire you and remind us all that even the mundane can be made beautiful by a creative photographer.

Here are 20 images of Autumn leaves to inspire you and hopefully leave (or leaf!) you breathless

Photo by Torpe

Photo by Rising Damp

Photo by GolfGT_Girl

Photo by Dan Zen

Photo by halfrain

Photo by m.shattock

Photo by blumblaum

Photo by David Rouhani

Photo by m.shattock

Photo by Torpe

Photo by Per Olesen

Photo by Hung Thai

Photo by Dawn

Photo by Hung Thai

Photo by fauxto_digit

See these amazing tutorials to help you get your Autumn leaves shots

Macro Photography

Natural Light

Outdoor Photography

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