21 Amazing Images of Medieval Structures

National Geographic photographer, Jim Richardson once said, “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” There's certainly an element of truth to that that these photographs of medieval structures serve to demonstrate. If you are lucky enough to have some of your own, post them in the comments!

Scotland by Moyan_Brenn, on Flickr

El claustre de Lluçà / Lluçà cloister by SBA73, on Flickr

Lobby / Vestíbulo by . SantiMB ., on Flickr

L'antic poble de Santa Creu / Abandoned medieval village by SBA73, on Flickr

Columnes i pilars / Columns & pilars by SBA73, on Flickr

No pensava veure mai aquest sostre finalitzat… by SBA73, on Flickr

Valencia by Andy Reis, on Flickr

Casas Colgadas – Cuenca (Explorer) by Gabriel Villena, on Flickr

Schweriner Schloss in the Evening Sun by saturn ♄, on Flickr

Beget. by www.jordiarmengol.net (Xip), on Flickr

Pont de Besalú by www.jordiarmengol.net (Xip), on Flickr

France, Château de Beynac Exit by Vincent van der Pas, on Flickr

king's college chapel, cambridge 1446-1515. by seier+seier, on Flickr

Neu i vent a La Mola / Snow and wind in La Mola by SBA73, on Flickr

La medida humana by caracolquiscol, on Flickr

El pont de Beget / The bridge of Beget by SBA73, on Flickr

Pals by ٭٭ NơƐണí ٭٭, on Flickr

The Cathedral of Siena by Niels J. Buus Madsen, on Flickr

Step and Repeat by jurvetson, on Flickr

Benvinguts al segle X / Welcome to the X Century by SBA73, on Flickr

Cirque de navacelle : ancient medieval back alley by tibchris, on Flickr

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