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22 Portraits That Make Wonderful Use of Natural Window Light

Something about natural window lighting makes just about any subject in a photograph look absolutely amazing. Throw in some skill from a good photographer, and you have a recipe for a great collection.
Check out this great collection and see the resources at the base of the article for ideas on how to get similar results in your own portraiture.

273/365 – Pling Pling Pling Pling by Helga Weber, on Flickr
Visione by Daniele Zedda, on Flickr
Look! There's an angel near the window! by vramak, on Flickr
52 Weeks: A Little Story About Racism, Park Grass And That Word That My Grandparents Were Probably Called Everyday…… by sera_leaving, on Flickr
welcome to the machine ..lil one' by notsogoodphotography, on Flickr
Olga with Pearl Earring by David Blackwell., on Flickr
"I don't want to stare out the window" by pnoeric, on Flickr
Self by Benurs – Learning and learning…, on Flickr
b, december 2012 by Olivia Harmon, on Flickr
33/366 – Portrait of Live, with scarf by Andreas Øverland, on Flickr
Untitled by fusion-of-horizons, on Flickr
Window Lighting B&W by a4gpa, on Flickr
Lucy by Nathan O'Nions, on Flickr
Her eye or my Lens? :p by ind{yeah}, on Flickr
onhundredthirtyeight/threehundredandsixtyfive by Morning theft, on Flickr
2012/01/15 Olesya by Danila Panfilov, on Flickr
Untitled by hj91, on Flickr
Day 93 by Okko Pyykkö, on Flickr
"Snowfall" by AllisonSchroeder, on Flickr
Jen & Andy B&W by javcon117, on Flickr
img543_2 by michellecarl, on Flickr
Another Self Portrait by Anamorphic Mike, on Flickr

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