25 Adorable Animal Photos

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Twenty five of the most adorable animal photos you've ever seen.  Some domesticated and family friends, others are best viewed at a distance with a long zoom lens, but all are incredibly cute!
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Photo by mandyxclear

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Roborovski Hamster

Photo by cdrussorusso

Feeding Time For Baby Gray Squirrel

Photo by mathias-erhart

Baby Monkey

Photo by nouQraz

Kleiner Kater beim Sonnenbad

Photo by Klaus the BARRACUDA

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Photo by boxercab

Olive the mini dachshund

Photo by Brian Hathcock

Coffee Tray Cat

Photo by End of Level Boss

What? Wanna fight me?!

Photo by Jan & Peggy


Photo by Digimist

Photo by Yvonne in Willowick Ohio

Red Panda

Photo by digitalART2

Douc Langur (Pygathrix nemaeus )

Photo by ucumari

Happy Birthday Lil guy...:O)))

Photo by law_keven

Have You Hugged A Tree Today?

Photo by digitalART2


Photo by patries71

Puffin on blue

Photo by Rob Baldwin Photography

Hey, I think it's time for my first dental check up!

Photo by 2-Dog-Farm

The end!

Photo by ucumari

Young Knacki

Photo by Jan & Peggy


Photo by Leo Reynolds

african pygmy hedgehog

Photo by Adam Foster | Codefor

Pucker up!

Photo by ucumari

«Hello everybody!»

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

Mon petit bulli...

Photo by Erwan bazin photographie ON-OFF

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