25 Adorable Animal Photos


Twenty five of the most adorable animal photos you've ever seen.  Some domesticated and family friends, others are best viewed at a distance with a long zoom lens, but all are incredibly cute!

adopt meh?

Photo by mandyxclear

Roborovski Hamster

Photo by cdrussorusso

Feeding Time For Baby Gray Squirrel

Photo by mathias-erhart

Baby Monkey

Photo by nouQraz

Photo by sergio souza

Photo by boxercab

Coffee Tray Cat

Photo by End of Level Boss

What? Wanna fight me?!

Photo by Jan & Peggy

Photo by Yvonne in Willowick Ohio

Red Panda

Photo by digitalART2

Douc Langur (Pygathrix nemaeus )

Photo by ucumari

Happy Birthday Lil guy...:O)))

Photo by law_keven

Have You Hugged A Tree Today?

Photo by digitalART2


Photo by patries71

Hey, I think it's time for my first dental check up!

Photo by 2-Dog-Farm

The end!

Photo by ucumari

Young Knacki

Photo by Jan & Peggy


Photo by Leo Reynolds

Pucker up!

Photo by ucumari

«Hello everybody!»

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar

Photo by Dominika Roseclay
Photo by Simona Kidrič
Photo by Peng Louis

Photo by Wallace Chuck

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