27 Reasons to Bring Your Camera Out When It Starts Snowing

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The time is here for much of the world who has the winter season to start seeing snow.  It's also a great time to get your camera ready, bundle up and go capture some great images!  If you are fortunate enough to live where it snows, or holiday where it snows, run out the door when it starts falling!  Everything starts to become more beautiful, as seen in these photos.  From portraits to landscapes and even street photography.

Remember that the cold weather will drain your batteries much faster, so when not shooting keep it under your coat and close to your body.

20090202-40D-5540-2b Snow Queen

Photo By orangeacid

20 years of snow

Photo By Dustlake

frozen light in a snow weekend, MANZANEDA ?

Photo By Paulo Brandão

Snow "Explore"

Photo By www.D2k6.es

St. Columb_Z11055XLV

Photo By Ennor

Paris under the snow

Photo By Gregory Bastien


Photo By Atli Harðarson

The tree that refused to believe it was winter

Photo By EJP Photo

"Blanca" del Salvador

Photo By guervos

snow and... more snow

Photo By Marko_K

winter beach

Photo By Kevin Steele

First Run

Photo By pmorgan


Photo By Martin Gommel


Photo By Okinawa Soba

Tree of Life

Photo By h.koppdelaney

December in Central Park

Photo By Thomas Hawk

Let's play

Photo By Marko_K


Photo By Etolane

a tree in the mist

Photo By sjarvinen

winter friends

Photo By AlicePopkorn

Snowball Fighting In Paris (1905)

Photo By postaletrice


Photo By *_filippo_*

sweet snow

Photo By new-ars

Desnudos / Naked

Photo By diegoperez74


Photo By tamo neki

Lime Tree Avenue in the Snow

Photo By DaveKav

Day 166/365 : Prospettive invernali

Photo By ~jjjohn~

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13 thoughts on “27 Reasons to Bring Your Camera Out When It Starts Snowing

  1. DK

    I agree with taking out your camera into the snow…. I disagree with keeping it under your coat when not using it. It will develop condensation and fog up your lens when you bring it back out to shoot again.

    I live in Montreal, and this is a big problem with winter photography.

  2. April Merrick

    I know the neighborhood thinks I’m insane going out in the subfreezing temps to take photographs, but there’s nothing like it. Totally serene. Have some pics on my blog. I would love some feedback!

  3. Rodney Maraist

    These are great shots. Tomorrow we are expecting a snowfall. I will definitely get out the old camera and try something new. Thanks for the encouragement

  4. Jeffery

    I am so not looking forward to what comes with Winter. I really don’t like driving in snow nor the ice. Though I will state these photo captures do inspire me and I will just have to work out the logistics of getting out when we do have snow here.

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