3 Free Guides for Fun and Safe Rain Photography


Most cameras are not weather sealed, which is sad because photographing scenes and venues with rain is a mind-blowing experience.

Just recently a student of mine ruined his camera thanks to shooting under heavy rain, fortunately enough, the pic he took is awesome. I recommended him to get some raincoats or at least a small umbrella to carry around when shooting during the rainy season.

Today I want to share with you some pretty sweet free guides that will inspire you into taking photographs in the rain safely, from landscape to street and even botanicals.

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Guide to Rainy Day Photography Fun

In this guide, Kent DuFault generously shares with us a considerable amount of his own knowledge about creating amazing photographs during bad weather in fun yet safe ways.

It is important to know that shooting in the rain requires you to completely get out from your comfort zone. Read this short guide if you want to know how to create really interesting photographs with the aid of rain.

Telling a story with rain is always a good way to go, and I must admit it, I love shooting umbrellas, and I know it is a vastly overused cliché in photography.

7 Ways to Shoot the Mundane

This is actually not all about rain, but I found it quite interesting because it helps you to see everything with a different perspective, and after a heavy rain, all the drops and water coated mundane things in life take on a completely different perspective, which ensures you can approach them creatively.

This guide was written by David Veldman and is important because it invites photographers to always keep themselves open and ready to be surprised, something that can fade away with time…

Photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash

Quick Guide to Street Photography

Last but not least, one of my favorite free guides of all time, and even though is about Street Photography, I want to include it because rain knows no boundaries, and your street photography can be hugely enhanced by rain.

Here Kent DuFault talks about developing confidence when it comes to street photography, giving us some really unique and useful tools for any occasion, including rainy days.

Producing top photography in bad weather requires some sharp skills and courage too, but the images you can get are totally worth it. Rain and overcast days have one of the most soothing light conditions ever, and with a creative eye, you can capture some of the most compelling photographs ever that simply can't compete with bright sunny day photographs.

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