3 Free Photography Guides That Will Make Your Business Shine


Photography changes everything without a doubt, but one of the things that have definitely been transformed thanks to it, is business itself. It is hard to think about a successful business that only relies on text or illustrations to showcase themselves, from their staff to their products.

Big companies have known this for pretty much always, but small one-to-three people start-ups need to know this as well, and of course, they can't always hire a professional photographer for their images. We know they wish that they could pay them, and we hope they'll find a way of doing it in a sustainable form in the near future. 

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash

That's why I have carefully selected for you these three free guides that will help you make your products and your business look fantastic on the web:

Beginner’s Guide to Still Life Photography

When it comes to business, showcasing your own product is crucial for market awareness. Services might be illustrated by traditional stock imagery, but your own products can't be replaced by any stock image in the real world. In this guide, Stacey Hill shares with us a lot of things that will help us to present our products like works of art with beautiful lighting tricks and compositional tips. Still Life has been popular to refer to food, but it can actually fit any inanimate object in the world, so this guide will help you a lot when showcasing your crafted products online on a budget.

How to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Ok, ok… We are NOT saying your products are ordinary, but in this guide, Leanne Cleaveley shows us how ANYTHING can look amazing with the correct point of view and composition. So, if he can make a stapler or even a measuring tape look awesome, then your products, which are made with passion and real hard work, will like amazing with these tricks.

How to Shoot Great Portraits with 1 Light

One trend in internet-based businesses is the human factor, therefore it is pretty reasonable (and smart) to show your staff to the world! With this guide written by Kent DuFault, you'll have pretty much everything you'll need for making beautifully looking portraits of your staff.

Photo by Christelle Bourgeois on Unsplash

The Internet has given us the great opportunity of growing a business from local to worldwide in no time, and even though there are many things such as business models, solid strategies and roadmaps that have to be developed, imagery will always be a strong asset for your business. If you want to keep things in-house, you can also complement those free guides by reading up on fundamental photography editing skills in order to make those photographs look even better with some simple yet powerful retouches.


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